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FROM WALT: Do you remember "K" from an inspiration of several months ago (Life Rhyme #419 "Welcome to the Other Side")? She took a severance package her company was offering and decided to pursue her passion....I've heard from her again:

Hey Walt,
Help! You said to reach out to you if my legs ever got wobbly. Well, they're wobbling!! I'm dwindling down on my severance money. I'm working and working and I'm not seeing any results. I feel like I'm doing everything I'm supposed to be doing but I'm just not seeing it all. Folks are canceling, my recruits aren't qualifying...It's a little bit disheartening at this point. Whatever gem of advice you can give me would really be helpful! Thanks!

My Response:

Hi K,
I continue to be proud of you, and want to continue to give you all the encouragement to follow your dreams. I'm always here as proof that what you're doing can be sustained, and to provide whatever support I know isn't always available in abundance in the "herd." (See last week's "The Great Sheep Uprising"). It's important as well to appropriately interpret what is and what has been happening over the past few months. When someone learns to ride using training wheels, takes a practice test, or warms up for a performance, meet or match, they don't have the luxury of using their test scores, qualifying times or rehearsal performances as the real thing. At some point, the practice ends, the curtain goes up, the gun goes off, the clock is started and the race or show begins for real. Then the consequences of falling, flying and finishing become really real. Then, and only then do we really know if we've got what it takes.

This was not a "let's see how I do in practice before I decide to run the race" thing. Your decision to run the race is a function of your commitment to complete it, not a function of the outcome of how you did in trial runs.

Yes, I know you have commitments, children, mortgage payments and such obligations, but in fairness to your business and to you, you've not really tested it or yourself appropriately to see if they can support those obligations financially. As a former civil engineer, I can tell you that the only way to test a structure is to put a real load on it. (See Life Rhyme #219 "Load Test")

Yes, you may indeed be doing everything right, but the pace, the passion, and the power that you bring to the performance is never really tested in practice. There is a level and depth to your potential that you've not yet even begun to tap; one that you're not even aware you possess. This wasn't about taking the easy slide, or making a seamless transition into independence. Your commitment has not yet really been tested. Your potential has not yet been reached. You're just now getting to the starting gate, my friend. Ditch the net, lose the wheels, and get ready to rumble. I hope you're ready. The games are about to begin....For real!

For Real

You'll never know the thrill of freedom or just how it feels
to steer your course through life if you're still using training wheels

You'll never know the truth of where your courage gauge is set
if down below you're flying high above some safety net

And how can you be sure what speed you'll give us at the gun
if deep down in your heart you know it's just a practice run?

From one crutch to another oft through life is how we flow
not knowing just how high or fast we've got the strength to go

You never bring true power, pace or passion to the deal
'til wheels and net all disappear, and clocks start up for real

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