''On Days When Darkness Falls''

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When darkness rules the day
how things will work out in the end
Depends on what you see
until the lights come on again

Some see as disaster
what for some's a stroke of luck
Some hold it together well
while others run amok

Some resolve to finger-point
while others simply cope
Some see worlds of options form
where others give up hope

Some wax philosophic
laugh and take it all in stride
Others fear for life and limb
and find some place to hide

Some plan their escape route
wishing that they had a plan
Some shine lights for others
helping any way they can

For based on your perspective
you'll adapt or climb the walls
You'll find out what you're made of
on the days when darkness falls!

What's clear to see even on life's darkest days, is that you always have a choice of actions between those that empower or those that imprison. Hope you can see clearly enough today to make the right choice. So let there be light!!! :-)

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