''For Better or for Worse''

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For better or for worse I made a choice not long ago
to wish a different world and then pursue my present course
And some may think I'm cursed for choosing such a path of woe
with all its ups and downs yet through it all I've no remorse

This path that I traverse to some who watch seems quite unsure
no clear and present jackpot with a payoff much delayed
Though tempted to reverse I've since decided to endure
and simply based on faith I'll have the things for which I've prayed

Despite an empty purse my morals still remain unsold
I've stayed true to my standards of the things I just won't do
The pressures were adverse but soon I'll have my pot of gold
when riches of another kind come fully into view

One day as if rehearsed I'll reach the goal for which I strive
and everything once wished for at that time will then be mine
Investments reimbursed when I arrive alive to thrive
what's worse will then get better and better yet... all by design!

Sometimes words will not be adequate to explain your choice of actions.

Sometimes you do what you do from an inner conviction that it's just the right thing for you to do, with no justifiable, quantifiable, or logical explanation that would satisfy those who view your life from the outside. Sometimes you don't need to have the words, but simply the faith in your commitment to your ideals. Those sorts of decisions carry you forward on a path that may be obscure to eyes, but that your soul sees quite clearly. And you, my friend, can and will only see the path once you've traveled it, and you turn to look at whence and how far you've come. And then, it all makes perfect sense.

Let me know about which specific journey this may apply to you.

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