''Comfortable Conclusions''

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We dream big dreams as children
but by the time that we're adults
We settle for conclusions
rather than life's best results

And those who curse their fate
who once aimed high but missed the mark
Believed their trip had ended
and thought they had to disembark

But no results should matter
save for those for which we strive
And the only goals we'll reach
are those each day we keep alive

There's a big difference between results and conclusions. In creating the life of your dreams, the worst mistake you can make is misinterpreting a particular result to determine your conclusions about your chances of future success. Make sure that when you strive for a particular goal, that you commit to achieving a specific outcome, and not simplyl to reaching a conclusion that you can use to justify not trying in the future. What many people really want is to justify their deep-down belief that "it's not possible" or "I'm not good enough" or "I'm not ready" or "this is difficult" or some other limiting idea. So they give it only half their best effort, or sabotage their success so that they can reach a comfortable conclusion rather than achieve the intended result.

(Even worse, some people use other people's conclusions about the way things are to dictate what they believe is possible for themselves.)

In any journey you embark on, setbacks, disappointments, and the failures you encounter are all simply stations along the way, not final destinations. You don't have to leave the train unless you want to.

So today's question is: "What conclusions about the way the world is have you drawn that you'd like to change?" The power to change the conclusion often lies simply in pursuing a different result.

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