''Arbitrary Lines''

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Ok, so it's the end of the year. And as this is the last inspiration of 2001, I'm sure you're expecting some final wrap up, some look ahead to new beginnings or some other type of sentiment appropriate to the year's end and a new start.

Well....we're not going to look ahead...because everyone does that. We're not going to look back, either, 'cause everyone does that too!

Now, we're not going to fall victim to any rating system and the resulting judgement and unhappiness that may occur when we accept the segmentation of of our lives using....

Arbitrary Lines

What if they said that every day
would start at half-past three?
We'd all reset our clocks
and change our lives now wouldn't we?

What if they said the best friends
in the world you've ever had
Were not the ones you liked
but just the ones who made you sad?

What if they said the time of life
that offers most to learn
Are two years after college
and the rest? of no concern

How random do those lines all seem?
well here's some breaking news
They're really no more random
than the ones that we now use

Imagine for a moment, though
that life is just a stream
Of magical "now" moments
that just flow from scene to scene

And people come and go
with either joy or pain in store
No judgements in your mind
that make you rate them good or poor

And every moment matters
with no more or less at stake
For each holds equal promise
of a new life you could make

For time knows no beginning
and it surely knows no end
So let's erase the lines
on which we all too oft depend

And choose to spend our time
free from this view that undermines
And live our lives unruled
by all these arbitrary lines!

What if you simply lived your life the best that you could from day to day? What if you didn't divide your life into periods defined by your education? What if you didn't divide time into years, or derive your motivation to make changes in your life by the approach of an arbitrary day on a ancient calendar? What if you didn't rate your friendships, and your relationships and your marriages as good or bad, but simply saw them as the comings and goings of people you've met who each had something to share with you before they moved on? What would life be like then?

Hmmmm?....Something to think about...

...But, for those of you who simply must hear it: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :-)

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