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Look for order in the chaos
common threads and ties that bind
Recurring themes in every story
matching thoughts in every mind

Listen and you'll hear the echos
same refrain but different song
Find what's true in every version
find what's right when men are wrong

There's one thing that all are seeking
a single goal to every game
Faces change and bodies differ
See what always stays the same

Find the patterns all around you
the lessons in the cards life deals
Make connections in your choices
and find the answers life reveals!

When I was growing up, my mother and I used to play a card game called "Concentration." To play the game, we'd first lay out all 52 cards across her bed. Then, taking turns, we'd proceed to pick up a card, call it out aloud, and then replace it back in the arrangement. The object of the game is to use one's memory to find matching cards. If, for example, I picked up an ace, I might recall exactly where in the arrangement I had seen another ace earlier in the game. If I reach for where I think that card is, and I'm correct, I win that round. I keep those matching cards, and pick again. When all the cards are matched, the winner is the person who makes the most connections.

I sincerely believe that the ability to detect such patterns plays an important part in success in all areas of life. There's an underlying order to all things in the universe, in everything from people's behaviour, the stock market, the weather, and even the choices you and I make. Therefore, the quicker we can spot those patterns and make the connections, the better able we are accept, change, control or master the results and consequences of those patterns. And just like in Concentration, the winner is the person who makes the most connections.

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