''There's Still Road Ahead''

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The journey has not ended
although some have gone away
The road ahead still calls us
one foot forward every day

The mountain is still looming
although some have stopped their climb
Still more peaks for us to conquer
reach for each one at a time

The marathon's not over
though there're some who won't be back
Find a partner you can run with
bit by bit take up the slack

There's a void of dreams and visions
left by those who've taken flight
So whatever task befalls you
take the time to do it right

Just as birds fly in formation
all involved must do their part
Gain your strength from those around you
flap your wings...and don't lose heart

Ever notice birds flying in V formation? Researchers discovered that in that formation, each beating of a bird's wing provides a boost of air that gives an extra lift for each bird in the group and helps them fly up to 70% farther than if alone. Each one has a part to play in the success of all.

There is still a job to do. None is too small. No task is too insignificant. Every part of the puzzle contributes to the whole. Children still need to be taught. Floors still need to be swept. Do not be deterred in achieving the vision of who you wish to be. It is still a part of the progress of the whole. The collective advances one individual at a time. Do not be afraid to laugh. Do not be afraid to sing. Do not be afraid to dream. Do not be afraid to soar.

There must and will be an "after" to this "now." But what lies beyond exists first as an idea in the mind of he or she who is brave enough to conceive it, believe it, and achieve it.

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