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''Human Conflict''

It's making much more sense now why there's always war & strife
The basis of it all is fear of losing one's identity
for each asserts himself and so desires life eternal
and still thinks conquering others brings the hope of immortality

And others hang on tight to modes and manners of religion
Believing in their smugness they alone have found the path
that others not converted somehow threaten their existence
they battle for beliefs and in their gods' name wreak their wrath

They all define themselves in terms of being, doing, having
not being, doing, having then is just like death you see
they fear the way they self-relate will be stripped from them
and tolerance of others means they somehow cease to be

So call it what you will it's all the ''fear of not'' in essence
Man simply fears the death of what he knows himself to be
through scarcity of reason feels that all is competition
and never once suspects that all might coexist quite free

Yes, those who live in conflict rest assured will boldly tell you
What I believe is sacred but your world and you are doomed
they miss the fact ironic that in their struggle for survival
that lo within their very fears are they themselves entombed