''Call Me When You Come Around''

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Today's Inspiration is a bit of a read, but I think you'll enjoy it, and you might even be able to relate. A good friend of mine -- whom I'll call "Cindy" -- recently wrote to me upset that her parents and sister don't quite understand the choices she's made in her life. Despite her happiness and commitment to her new life, they still insist that she live her life according to the "family script." I wrote her back with the following words of support.

Dear Cindy,
I so wish that my words can have some effect on your happiness. So I guess I'll start by saying that meeting you was, and continues to be one of the high points of my life. I still remember our first meeting [at our former job] and am so glad we became friends.

[Note: After I recounted a few of the special times and memories we shared as fellow employees, I continued...]

So why am I recounting all of this? The reason is this, my dear sweet friend:
Despite what anyone tells you, you are one of the special people in the world. Yes, everyone is special. Everyone is unique. Everyone is irreplaceable. But there are people who stand out as living on a whole 'nother plane; people who others want in their lives because they brighten things up just by being themselves. And YOU are one of those people. Trust me.

But one of the drawbacks of being a special person is that others may not "get" you. But don't despair. Other special souls go through it too. I'm not being egotistical to tell you that I know that I too am a bit different from other people too. I've known it practically all my life. This latest "radical" thing I'm doing confirms, but also honors that knowingness.

So from one maverick spirit to another, let me tell you:
There's a saying that a prophet is never honored in his own country. It's just the way it is. But the great thing is the more you identify with your uniqueness and with your spiritual self, the more you'll come to realize that your choice of parents and the family you were born through serves merely to help you live out the mission for which you have come. But at some point you may need to understand your separateness from them. They are all their own spirits doing what they came here to do, and so are you.

Your greatness lies in the embrace of yourself as a distinct spiritual being with a radiance and energy that transcends the concerns of mortals. The conflict I see here is the struggle between the identity of yourself as someone's daughter or sister, and that of being something so much more. The peace from this conflict can only come when you give up the struggle. And you give up the struggle when you embrace the you you really are.

The struggle is not for acceptance by your parents or your sister, Cindy. It is for acceptance of Cindy by Cindy. Fortunately, I, your friend Walt, am not bound by any expectations of you from a shared childhood, a shared cultural background, or having given birth to you. So I see the greatness that you have become because of, (and perhaps in spite of) all that you were in the past, but I hold no limitations on who can and will be in the future. (Others have those limitations because of a natural desire to contain, possess and capture the beauty that you are in the way they knew it to be, but they only know how to do that within the confines and limitations imposed by their attachment to their physical selves and this material world. They haven't practiced letting go. Many humans cannot.)

But you...you, my friend, deserve so much more than all this. And you have the spiritual power, the perspective and presence to be able to create it for yourself.

You solve others' problems because you can. It's easy to do when you live outside this world. But like many sages before you, it is often difficult to live according to the obvious insights and observations that you make about other people's experiences. (Most psychics can't predict things for themselves I'm told).

I understand the tension in you, but it is of your own doing because you won't let go.

I understand your family's concerns, but that is theirs to deal with until they too let go.

But the best news is, I sincerely believe that your happiness is simply a lightswitch away, dearest one. It's a simple realization. It's an epiphany you will have one day; an "aha" moment when you finally accept your uniqueness independent of who you are perceived to have been born as, and unconfined by others' expectations of you.

And when that moment happens, you'll get up the next day still in debt, still misunderstood by your family, but it won't make a darned bit of difference because you will be at peace with your awareness of the you you truly are, and "at home" in your own mind.

I hope you call me on that day.

Your friend in this life and beyond,

Walt F.J. Goodridge

[end of letter]

And, with that, I offer you today's Life Rhyme, titled

Call Me When You Come Around

Call me when the sun comes up
and fogs begin to lift
And paths you need appear
and help you share your given gift

Call me when the light streams in
and darkness fades away
And dragons you once thought were real
you now have strength to slay

Call me when you realize
that all must play their part
And mortal men of meager minds
may never know your heart

Call me when you come to know
you're not who you have been
And dousing sparks to please the past
is much akin to sin

Call me when you get it
that you're not quite of this earth
Yes in it but not of it
and this plane can't hold your worth

Call me when you flip the switch
and through with acting small
Call me when you come around
we'll have ourselves a ball!

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