''Precisely Then''

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A shelter's not a shelter
if it crumbles in a storm
It must withstand bad weather too
not only when it's warm

A friendship's not a friendship
that disolves when times are bad
You'll know then for a fact
if it was real or just a fad

Commitment's not commitment
until things come to a head
For only then you'll know
if what you'll do is what you've said

Security's just posture
'til it's tested by some threat
What good is an umbrella
that allows you to get wet?

Your faith is just lip service
if it's lost when brought to bear
It really only matters
when you choose it over fear

A bridge is rendered useless
if it buckles under stress
And weak resolve won't serve you
on your journey to success!

In my workshops, and before coaching my clients, I always set a few ground rules before we agree to work together. Recently, I mentioned to a particular client that, in order for him to achieve his goals, that we needed to work on on his language. He agreed that from then on, he would not use words like "problem," "try," or "can't " in favor of "challenge," "intend to" and "choose not to." (I believe that the words you choose don't just describe your reality, but actually create it. For a fuller explanation, you can tune in to my free live teleclass conference call today at 12:00 noon EST; See announcements above.)

So one day as I listened to him handling a heated, stressful situation I heard the word "problem" continually popping up in his communication. I interjected and reminded him of our agreement. With a look of exasperation, and a dismissive wave of his hand, he replied, "Not now, Walt, I'm really stressed out!" I had to remind him (yes, right then and there) that it was precisely then, at those specific moments of greatest stress, that the commitment to his agreement with himself really mattered. Otherwise it was just lip service to a cute concept.

Theredore, I ask you:
Are you living up to your decisions precisely when things don't go your way?
Are you sticking to your diet precisely when it's INconvenient, and even when you're tempted?
Are you in love with your partner precisely when they don't do what you want them to?
Are you pleasant to your customers and clients precisely when you're having a bad day?

In his defense, my client realized that he had to take his commitment to another level and today is much more conscious of those special moments!

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