''Before You Can Smile''

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Before you accept
all the things that go wrong
You first must believe
that you're where you belong

Before you can watch
without getting involved
You first must believe
that all problems get solved

Before you can let
others be who they will
First choose not to judge
(yes, that might take some skill)

Before you can deal with
life's sorrows with grace
You've got to draw strength
from a spiritual space

Before you can smile
at the things people say
You can't hold out hope
that we'll all think your way

Before you'll take chances
that might just risk all
You've got to believe
you'll survive any fall

The day you're not phased
by the things people do
Is the day that you're free
of perceptions of you

And before you'll let go
and just go with the flow
You must first trust that paths
lie beyond those you know!

So I'm cruising around the city the other day, and I notice a few incidents of people reacting to each other's "driving styles." I hear one individual choose to hurl a string of expletives at another driver, and I think to myself, "You know, it's just as easy to choose to smile instead of curse." But, of course, making that choice presupposes that you believe in a few things about who you are, who others are, and the way the universe works. I've found that there are a few core beliefs that make it easier to handle life's little challenges. Just a few among them are:
- I walk protected.
- Everything happens for the good
- Everything happens in due time
- No one can harm the real me
- There's always a solution that works for the good of all
- I can choose my responses to everything...

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