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Thou shalt not just stand idly by
while others might be saved
or take freedom for granted still
while others are enslaved

Thou shalt not forsake others
who through sickness are in need
or overlook the famine
and the many we could feed

Thou shalt not through indifference
miss the chance to simply pause
and choose to lend a helping hand
no matter what the cause

Yesterday, I came across the story of Elie Wiesel, a World War II concentration camp survivor who has dedicated his life to helping others. In the article Elie was asked about people's indifference and arrogance. He replied that he meets so many sensitive people from all walks of life that he couldn't generalize. In fact, he added:

'A doctor in New York read a quote of mine that sparked her involvement. "Somebody had asked me, "[Mr Wiesel], What is the most important commandment in the Bible?" and I said, "Thou shalt not stand idly by." So she packed up her office and went to Macedonia.." '