''Mental Coup d'etat''

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Charge the hill and take it
while the sentry is asleep
The time to launch attacks is when
the world's in slumber deep

The guard is down and weakened
and the doors are opened wide
When walls are left unwatched
then is the time to shift the tide

By day the troops are active
but by night when all do rest
You can catch the world off guard
and win the day without protest

Like soldiers habits linger
intent to keep you down and low
But a single dream empowered
is all it takes to overthrow!

The Key to the allegory:

The "world" is you. The "soldiers" are your old thoughts you've empowered to keep watch and maintain things as they are. They are the appointed sentries of self-imposed limitations, standing ever watchful to block your uprising. The "rebels" are your dreams and desires intent on overthrowing the established order. The rebels seek a moment when your own guard is down to successfully stage the mental coup that will set you free.

The "night" represents such a time of lowered defenses. A time brought about by pleasant experiences, uplifting conversation, positive associations, or simply the silence of your own meditation. Give your dreams the "cover" they need to work in your favor. Make the most of those days when you feel like you can take on the world. Make the most of your time with those who strengthen and empower you. Your dreams will recognize that the sentries are "asleep" and the coast is clear to win control! Now read the allegory again and go onward to your personal mental victory! Note: The first few Walt's Friday Inspiration emails included quotes from various authors and personalities. It wasn't until episode 19 that I tried my hand at writing the rhyme-based inspirational messages myself. The rest, as they, is history...

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