What are Life Rhymes?

life rhymes book cover
Life Rhymes are a unique genre of motivational poem created by Walt F.J. Goodridge. They are positive, poetic expressions of the internal dialogue that creates success. They are part affirmation, advice column, inspired observation, proverb, prayer and life lesson all rolled into one! They are meant to guide your thoughts so you see the world differently, interpret life's situations correctly and make choices that help you reach your highest goals! Between Aug 1997 and Aug 2006, Walt wrote a brand new, original inspiration EVERY SINGLE WEEK without fail! The 20,000 subscribers to his "Friday Inspiration" email enjoyed what was the longest-running email newsletter on the internet! Now, as a physical keepsake of that special time, you can order the complete collection in paperback form! Includes more commentary, the stories behind each inspiration, and other bonuses! (424 pages; 8.5 x 8 ISBN: 978-0974531311)

My Favorites

The best way to understand a life rhyme, is to experience a life rhyme.
Here are a few personal as well as fan favorites:--Walt
#145-If only for a moment
#153-Mental Coup d'etat
#164-The elephant under the rug
#213-The Meaning of the Moments
#232-What Kind of Life
#252-The Silent Fall of Fences and Walls
#442-The Great Sheep Uprising --Walt (subscribe for a weekly rhyme)