What are Life Rhymes?

life rhymes book cover
Life Rhymes are a unique genre of motivational poem created by Walt F.J. Goodridge. They are positive, poetic expressions of the internal dialogue that creates success. They are part affirmation, advice column, inspired observation, proverb, prayer and life lesson all rolled into one! They are meant to guide your thoughts so you see the world differently, interpret life's situations correctly and make choices that help you reach your highest goals!
Life Rhymes are a gift to the world. However, they are copyrighted to prevent people from claiming them as their own.

You may link to individual Life Rhymes or the entire collection by linking to this site. My request is that when you share them, that you include the following "© Walt F.J. Goodridge (www.liferhymes.com)," to let people know where they can find more. Additionally, please let me know how you've used them (e.g., weddings, graduations, etc.) so I can share with others!

I've had requests from musicians to use them as lyrics in songs. Feel free to contact me to obtain permission.

My Favorites

The best way to understand a life rhyme, is to experience a life rhyme.
Here are a few personal as well as fan favorites:--Walt

#145- If only for a moment
#146- The Right Question
#153- Mental Coup d'etat
#164- The elephant under the rug
#170- You Can't Get It Back
#171- A Club Called Me
#198- The Harder the Battle
#201- SelfGrowth 101
#232- What Kind of Life
#213- The Meaning of the Moments
#246- Before You Can Smile
#252- The Silent Fall of Fences and Walls
#312- On Days When Darkness Falls
#333- The Settler's Wine
#341- Regime Change
#344- Without Honey
#368- The Path of Least Hurdles
#370- Someone Stole My Fruit
#371- The Clockwise Spin
#392- You Don't Need Money
#407- When the Ground Comes Rushing Up
#442-The Great Sheep Uprising
#449- Of Rising Stars and Sinking Ships
#450- Call me When You Come Around