''The Key to Happiness''

231-The Key to Happiness.mp3

To know just where you fit in
to know where you belong
To know your choice of actions
teach you lessons right or wrong

To see the best in others
to see life's other side
To see if what you're doing's
based on principle not pride

To own all you require
to require less and less
To break the need to show
you live a life filled with excess

To feel your life's progressing
to feel you're on your way
To feel that things improve
however slightly day to day

To share your wealth with others
to share it through the lack
To share the hope that what is lost
in time will come right back

To find your life's great purpose
and the means to make it real
To find the key to happiness
is a joy no one can steal!

Is this all that's required then
despite what we've been taught?
As simple as a change of mind?
Perhaps. It's just a thought.

Hmmmm. Perhaps it is just a thought.

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