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''The Elephant Under The Rug''

Perhaps we can avoid it
and it just might go away
perhaps you'll read my mind
and hear the words I want to say

We wouldn't be the first to use
this tried and true technique
it's often easier to avoid..
assume rather than speak

It's like there is this elephant
we're pretending isn't there
we talk and walk around it
treading lightly and with care

You'd think it near impossible
to ignore something so huge
that's begging for attention
and has taken up refuge

We trip and fall and stumble
as intentions meet with doom
for no real progress can be made
long as this "thing" is in the room

A misread cue or act, perhaps
an unmet expectation
requires some word or deed now
in defense or explanation

(Or maybe it's the fire
of a strong physical attraction
you say it's just a friendship
but you feel the mounting tension)

This thing's too real and heavy
to dismiss with just a shrug
So speak the words and dare to face
the elephant under the rug!

Closure. Resolution. Intention. Revelation. Clarification. The elephant under the rug takes on many forms in our lives. There's something that has gone unsaid and unaddressed for too long that is casting a shadow of doubt, uncertainty, and leaving itself open to misinterpretation in your life. Stop avoiding it. The only way to move it out from under the rug is to put it in plain view ("on the table", so to speak) so it can be addressed, discussed, seen for what it is, and ultimately coaxed from its hiding place. Give it a try. Words are the best way to move the mighty elephant. It might be heavy at first, but with everyone involved lifting, you'll make it work!