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Today's Inspiration was written in response to a question that had not yet been asked!
As an expert in 5 business categories on ASKME.com, I receive dozens of questions from people wanting to know the answers to various business concerns. Yesterday morning, I received a question from "Stromie." I'm not sure whether Stromie was a child asking an innocent question, or someone older in a prankster's mood, but I took the time to answer seriously.

stromie asked this question on 6/8/2000:
"what will i be when i grow up???" "how much money will i make??? "

Stromie's questions arrived in my inbox on Thursday morning, a full day after I had completed what is now today's Life Rhyme #146. Though it arrived a day after the fact, it seemed the perfect question to the Inspiration I had written! So here then, is my answer to Stromie, along with today's Inspiration which was already prepared and waiting for him/her to ask...just the right question.

waltgoodridge gave this response on 6/8/2000: "Hi Stromie,

That's an excellent question! Whether you're a child or adult, remember you're always growing, and what you will be from one moment to the next is completely under your control.

It's great that you're asking these sorts of questions, because many people never start to really ask the right questions until they're quite unhappy in life.

But instead of asking me what you will be when you grow up, ask instead "what do I love to do?" "What is it that excites me and how do I want to spend my days?" Those questions will lead you in the direction of your passion, which as you may know is where I always direct people.

How much money you will make is not as important as "what sort of difference can you make." It's been said that you should "Do what you love and the money will follow." I sincerely believe that and am a living testament to that philosophy.

It's very appropriate that you asked your questions. Every Friday I send out an email titled "Walt's Friday Inspirations." Tomorrow's edition is titled "The Right Question." Even though I wrote it before you asked your question, it seems it was written just for you. You'll be the first to read it! Enjoy!

Your life is the answer to a question
you'll find responding is not the real task
No, the trick to living life with purpose you see
is knowing which question to ask

Some ask "Why me?" in frustration
and respond with a life filled with pain
Some ask "What's next?" with elation
and on happiness they seem to make gain

"What's in it for me?" others query
and seem forever on a self-centered quest
"What more can I be?" a small few wonder
and show others their personal best

"What's wrong with the world? Oh, how tragic!"
some see with eyes of woe and despair
"What's wrong with the world? Let me fix it!"
and those strive always to heal and repair

So all in all it's a question of answers
that determines if you win or you lose
For when life is an answer to a question
your life depends on which question you choose... Note: The first few Walt's Friday Inspiration emails included quotes from various authors and personalities. It wasn't until episode 19 that I tried my hand at writing the rhyme-based inspirational messages myself. The rest, as they, is history...

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