RE: #107: (In The Comfort Of Our Own Creations") - "THANK YOU, this came at a good time. GOD for some reason always sends me answers. Love, a friend" -BBart

Re: #141 ("A Tale Of Time For The Tardy")-"Oh now Walt, you've stepped on some toes this time. Expect a few e-mails from some folk asking to be removed from your list! I'm just kidding! You hit the nail on the head with this one!" -Millicent Kelly

Re: #130: ("The Currency of Your Life")-"This one was particularly valuable. It is manifested everyday ... but never articulated the way you have. Brilliant!!! Particularly, for friends of mine, (and I'm sure you have some too) that "know the cost of Everything, but the value of nothing."-Saleem

Re: #104: ("Turning Points") -"This is a great poem .I know for me it brings to mind people friends, loved ones both dead, and living who have changed my life my direction in one way or another for the better ,and because of them the lives of my children will be affected."-Jim Roche


RE: #113 ("Restaurant of Wishes") -"The statement at the bottom of "A Restaurant Of Wishes" is very appealing. It sounds like a wonderful slogan for those of us who have reached crone-hood via a lifetime of experience. I am a 79-year-old widow living on an island in Puget Sound and welcome each opportunity to share my "wisdom" with those who ask for it." -Louise G. Smith Orcas Island, Washington

RE: #115 ("Keep it Simple")-"I've never sent you a reply before but today I wanted to because I number one, have loved all of your Friday inspirations! I send them on to my family and friends every week; and, two, because I think what you wrote today in response to what someone asked you is perfect! I think it is important for us to write what we feel, especially if we're wanting to touch, hopefully just one person's heart."

RE: #106 ("With New Eyes")-"I printed out your Inspiration this morning to read on the train. I had to stop myself from crying after reading "With New Eyes." What was even more powerful was the information you shared after the poem. We all need to be in the habit of repeating the affirmation to ourselves . . . and teach our children to do the same."-Zelda

Lyric-specific Feedback!
RE: #40 ("How I see it")-
"Dear Walt, I feel like when we're in sync with the universe, it has messages for us. A friend just gave me a pen with the words on it, success is a journey, not a destination. This is evidently a lesson I really need to learn these days. Thanks, Jeannette Lovern --Chillicothe, MO

RE: #42 ("Fortunes of Thought")-
"it's while some build worlds of lack with beliefs others build fortunes with thought" very clever, indeed!

"Dear Walt: I see why my daughter has continued to speak so highly of you. You and [your inspirations] are treasures...Thank you so much for including me in your mailings; I look forward to receiving more. Be Blessed. Know you are loved.--Khadijah (Salimah's Mom)

"Walt, I am enjoying your Friday Inspiration verses. They are really quite good and have made me reflect thoughtfully, quite a few times.--KRB

RE: #43 ("Out in Front")-
"I liked your poetry (#43). Today was my birthday and events in my recent life have validity in regards to your message. Keep writing.-- NewKemet

RE: #44 ("Here's What I Thought")- "...do enjoy poetry. :) And the poem you sent out was extremely well done!! My praise to you and your poetic inspirations! :) If you have anything dealing with Nature and would grant me the permission, I will gladly display it on my site with a link back to your site. :) --LadyMyst (https://www.geocities.com/RainForest/5331/index.html)

"Thanks my brother, this was nice way to end my Friday. I really appreciate the thought. Hope you have a good weekend or had a good weekend depending on when you read this.--Greg Bradshaw

RE: #45 ("Here's What They Say")-
"Walt,You've done it once again. I loved #45. I've enjoyed all of the poems but today I was moved to respond. If no one else has told you today, "Thank you"! Have a Great Weekend,--Michelle

"Thank you Walt's Friday. Today your inspirational message did a world of good for me."--Arlene Joyner

"See that's why you get paid the big bucks, my boy. Hey listen i really enjoyed this one. Well they all are great but this definitely stands out. And you know i really love the part about building pyramids in my sleep. You're the BOMB!!!!!!!!----Diamond D., aka ladydread63

This is the strongest one so far!--Leon Capers

"This is truly inspirational - I'm feelin' you! We have to do what we have to do to be true to ourselves, in the end all respect is due! Right?--Peace--Stacey Spencer

"You've done it again....thanks!"--William Cunningham

"Hi Walt,This was really quite nice!"--Cynthia Edwards

"Hi Walt, First, please sign me up for your newsletters and tips, every single thing you offer. I read your Million Dollar Mondays and flipped over them. They are great!"--A Smith

RE: #46 ("Come Into My Whirl")-
"Yes sir, a single act, dipping a finger on a lake creates a whirlwind strong enough to engulf the whole universe. Nothing is small in this world; we just need someone to start and the rest of us will follow suit. Your inspirational poetries have been that act. We will join in and contribute in our small ways what we have. This is what your inspiration is to me:

A golden meadow
A poet is bestowed Full, a magical lea
For him to rime in glee
Upon it, he draws next breath
Exhale a song for all on earth
Hey thanks for this small gesture. I will forward your inspiration to my friends."--JZ Skillz

"Sensational -- I have forwarded to a few close friends."--Mary Henderson

"Your poem is not only beautiful but inspiring as well. It is oh so ironic that I received your e-mail at this particular time. Without getting too deep on you, let us just say that things have not been working out for me lately. Though I cannot lie and say that your poem is my new key to life, I can truthfully tell you that it is uplifting. Thank you and I am pleased to be on your list."--Tyhessia McCabe

"Here are email addresses of two more of my friends for Walt's Friday Inspiration. My friends just love your inspirational messages and look forward to turning on their computers on Friday and receiving an uplifting message.always"--moni

"Thank you for continuing to supply me with such beautiful words of inspiration."--Rachael M.

I look forward to your Friday Inspirations, they are very soothing. Keep up the good work. --Alma Staton

"...just to say thank you for your wonderful Friday Inspirations. They get me through this last and very trying day of the work week."-- Wanda Edwards

"When any person can offer insight and wisdom to their fellow men, they offer the most precious gift of all, HOPE. Reading Walt's Friday Inspirations and Million Dollar Mondays, [I've] received enlightment and energy. Thank you very much for sharing these gems with the world. It puts the light back in our eyes."-- Johanna H. Visser, New Haven, CT

RE: #47 ("It's All Good")-
Dearest Walt:

Walt, I just love this stuff!!!! Friday's Inspirations are getting BETTER and BETTER! When I first started getting your messages months and sundays ago, I said, WHO THE HECTIC IS WALT, and why is he sending me inspirational messages. So, I asked to be removed. Thank God, however, I wasn't. God knew exactly what my soul needed to survive the sometimes minute by minute onslaught of evil lurking around every corner (even the evil within). So... every Friday, there YOU are, rejuvenating my soul with TIMELY messages to conclude the week and/or for me to take a moment out to reflect on how to make a better ME that next MINUTE-BY-MINUTE, HOUR-BY HOUR, DAY-BY-DAY, WEEK-BY-WEEK, etc. With prayer, meditation, a little George Winston playing in the background, and lots of deep breaths later, I'm ready to kick butt for the day. I REALLY, REALLY want to be just like YOU when and if I grow up!!!! Just kidding. I REALLY, REALLY like who I am at this point in my life. Look out world, 'cause here I come!!! 40/single and ready to let God's work shine through this temple He has given me - - mind, body and SOUL!!! always.... ."--moni

"Love This! Can I have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday inspirations?? (smile) --Pamela Barnes

"I have sincerly enjoyed the poems or words of inspiration and just wanted to wish you all the success you can handle. Please continue your words of inspiration, they have enlightened my life in ways unexplainable. Best wishes to your company,"--Demarcus Gaines

"Thanks, Walt. I really needed that one. It was divine inspiration.--Kathy

"i just wanted to say you write wonderfully. i forwarded some of your poems to a friend who is moving to london. i know he will enjoy them just as much as i do. thank you for helping me describe my thoughts."--gloria

There are always people who request to be taken off my list for various reasons. Perhaps they've changed jobs, closed email accounts, or simply can't receive personal email on the job. I do my best to honor all such requests quickly. Every now and then, however, someone will say they receive my emails, but I can't seem to find them on my list. One such, was Cynthia, who after futile searches and correspondence between the two of us offered the following:
From: (Cynthia Taylor)
To: Walt
Hello again,
I think I may have to submit on this one, Walt. Maybe there is a divine reason I have been unable to be unsubscribed from this (and other) email lists. It's not that I dislike the inspirational messages.......I'm a busy woman. Why don't I just stay on the list? I'm beginning to look forward to these messages now.

RE: #48 ("What am I Building")-
Walt, This is a very hitting piece, and a must ask question... What are we building??? I enjoyed it... KEEP BUILDING My Brother!!! -- David "Ancient Tradition" Weeks.

"You don't know me but I receive your "Friday Insprirations." At first I blew them off and didn't read them. One night I got bored and decided to read over the many I had received. I was really impressed. Now I look forward to my friday inspriration. I just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work...you are doing an excellent job and you have a true talent. Thank you." --Tara Turner

"This one was very nice. Not that I don't enjoy your Friday inspirations, but this one seem to stand out. Maybe because it hit some of the stuff I feel like I'm going through right now. Thanks"--TheCreole

"I really enjoy my Friday Inspirations. They are the first thing I read every Friday morning. Thanks for including me on your list.--Cheylon

"Howdy Walt: Well, you've done it again - set my spirit FREE!!!!! I especially love: "to build a temple inside and show others the way." How does one continue to inspire, unless he himself is the inspiration. My thought for today is: I want to go home and take a long nap!!--moni

RE: #49 ("Put it Out There")-
Very nice poem.

Well crafted
nice cadence

I love your work."--MHCWoman

"Thanks for all the mail.. You have a gift and I appreciate you sharing it with me and others. You have inspired me to reclaim that inner voice that stood hushed in the corners of my darkest nights....Peace & Blessings --Sherice

RE: #51 ("In the Quest for Excellence")-
Very nice piece of inspirition and building self-esteem. We all should definitly reach for the stars, those that are seen & unseen, and even those stars that have not been born yet... Thanx Walt!- David

"Peace Walt... Your words are soooo beautiful, real and free.... Each Friday as I open my email, I know I'm going to get something heaven sent from you......keep spreading the Love."--Auldat

Thanks. Today I really needed to read the "Master's Voice." Keep up the great work.--R Crawford

Thanks Walt for this Friday morning (subtle) kick I needed. (smile) I thank GOD for you!! You motivate me so much and always seem to send the inspiration that I am needing right at that moment in my life. You're a GOD send! Have a wonderful weekend and I can't wait until next Friday!!--Pam (in Dallas)

RE: #53 ("In the Master's Voice")- This is an all time classic. You must have really felt this one. Keep up the good work! Leon

Walt this stuff is really deep. Can I get a couple of these to give to my brother...He, or should I say we are always in need of inspiring prose such as this that validate our feelings and doubts about the pursuits we have undertaken. We're in MLM TOO! Please email more. Thanks --

RE: #54 ("What it's Really Worth")- Can many of us who call ourselves poets come close to your raw talent. This mind of yours is flowing like the current at any given time. The best of it all; it is a positive mind. Hats down to you my brother. Keep them coming, cause you are soothing a lot of hearts.JZ

From Lorii RE: out from under ("What am I Building")- Out From Under Walt's Friday Inspiration #70-(12/25/98)

I am getting out from under
and quite anxious to see
what bright and shiny future
my good is planning for me

I'm getting out from under
and it's really about time
it's been too long now
I've carried this load of mine

getting out from under
with the dawning of a new year
I refuse to lag behind my dreams
time to switch into high gear

getting out from standing under
it's about getting to understand
that the power to change my world
is here in my own hand

I was trapped inside an illusion .... a toxic, dead-end relationship, disguised as some sort of worldwind romance, at least in my imagination. For years I was caught in this web of (self) deception. Though a part of me knew this wasn't meant to be - a bigger part refused to admit defeat..... Soon the battle of mind and emotion ensued and I tried everything I could to mold, mend, mesh (manipulate) this situation to gel with the vision in my mind.

I volunteered for Project Torment, enlisting with every intention of going above and beyond in my fruitless attempts at proving myself worthy (although worthy of what I was never sure) Settling for less then what I knowingly wanted and far less then what I deserved !!!

Intellectually I knew that I couldn't afford to tolerate this ritualistic emotional assault, but unable to explain this logic to my heart, I held on... I suffered through silently, striving to believe love really would concur all.

My denial led to desperation and my commitment turned into contempt for self. His fury had infected my spirit and I didn't know what to do ..... so I prayed -

Out of the blue one Friday I get this email from some guy name Walt - who was this man, was he talking to me? As if he were sent to answer my prayers - whoever he was, he was right on time and his message crystal clear:

Get up !!! You've been down long enough - its time to let this go You've done your best and you'll be blessed - but you need not stop your growth This was just a lesson to help you consciously receive The fact that you can have all things if in me you believe Had to back you in that corner - get your attention so you'd pray Cause you were bound and determined to have things go your way But I got a different agenda and I promise I know best Got great things planned in store for you - don't be content with less If you recall this started as a figment of imagination So in a way its safe to say that you are its creation But the bigger truth if that's the case is the power you posses See, you get the prize when you recognize its your thoughts you manifest Knowing this you can put a twist on the way that you once thought And bring to be a reality all that's dreamt and sought You might think that's the secret - but that's only it in part This jewel to fuel is a useful tool but depends on the matters of your heart The rest in truth is quite simple - I'm amazed more aren't aware That the most potent position in any condition is submission to the power of prayer

Thanks Walt .. (for letting God use you) I'm UP ...and I'm gettin out from under! Peace & Blessings -Lorri