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''Lights, Camera, Action!''

What bold thing would I do today
if I knew I could not fail?
If it mattered not what people thought
would I let my heart prevail?

What secret wish would I act upon
if success were guaranteed?
Which actions would I then give life
with all mental shackles freed?

Would I speak my mind and then some
say the words I should have said
become the person I've always wanted
but acted out fears instead

If my days were caught on camera
for the world to watch and view
would my performance inspire others
who wish that they could too

Well I'll never know from wishing
for the thought alone won't do
the life I crave is brought to bear
by the things I choose to do

Like supporting cast without lead actor
your dreams await director's cue
the results you seek wait in the wings
but won't ACT until you do!

Perhaps it's starting your business, quitting a dead-end job, approaching a prospect, or maybe it's simply asking that cute teller at the bank on a date. Maybe it's just saying "I Love You" to someone who needs to hear it. Whatever it is, you've beat yourself up long enough worrying about the consequences.

You become more of you each time you conquer you. Don't put it off anymore. As you rise each day, ask yourself "What would I attempt today if I know I could not fail? You might be surprised how empowering that single thought is. Keep asking it right up until you do the thing you fear to do, and greet the new you on the other side!--Walt

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Walt's Life Rhyme #97
(Lights, Camera, Action!)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 08-06-1999
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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