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''An Out Of Box Experience''

Beyond what the eyes perceive
apart from what the mind believes
exists a world of different rules
that's shaped and formed with different tools

when searching for solutions
used to tackle any task
quite simply the response you get
depends on what you ask

the masses watch their worlds collapse
and never find the cause
unhappy with their answers
for in the questions lie the flaws

with thoughts like eagles ever sure
and never seen in flocks
success belongs to those brave souls
who think outside the box!

COMMENTARY: Hi boys and girls! Our lesson for today is: "Asking the right questions". Guy Kawasaki in Rules for Revolutionaries warns against being caught in the trap of poorly framed questions. Every question has certain assumptions implied in how you ask it.

Are you asking questions that condemn you to the same old answers? Are you asking questions that limit your growth and experiences? Are your questions "Why does this always happen to me?" or "Why can't I find someone to love?"

When you need more money, do you automatically ask "What kind of job can I get? Or "how many more hours do I need to work to make more?" Have you trapped yourself into thinking that the only way to get money is to trade your time for it?

Be like the Amazon.com's of the world who, instead of asking what kind of bookstore can we create to make people buy, asked entirely different questions and changed the very way we shop for books.

The truly successful men and women are those who "think outside the box", and abandon the traditional questions and frame their take on reality in an entirely new way!

Here are a few newly framed questions for you to use everyday:

1. In business: "How can I share the talents and skills I possess to provide value that people need at a profit?" (Instead of "How come my mean boss won't give me a raise?")

2. In love: What activities can I engage in that I like and that develop me as a person? Or How can I create happiness within me first so that I'm not dependent on someone else to make me feel special?" (Instead of "How come I can't find the right man/woman?")

3. How can I provide a family environment that nurtures love and respect?" (Instead of "Where did this kid/husband/wife/mother-in-law from hell come from!?")

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Walt's Life Rhyme #95
(An Out Of Box Experience)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 07-23-1999
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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