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''Compensation Is Appreciation''

THE NATIONAL INSPIRER: "inspiring minds so they grow"

compensation is appreciation
that's the first thing you should know
when others love you and what you do
that's just one way for them to show

fear not that others think
through sale that all good will is lost
devalued worth brings low regard
in that which has no cost

our world is such that money's thought
the child of evil spawned
yet rules our lives through absence 'til
truth's light from darkness dawns

see, money does good and bad alike
whether crook, king, villain or star
the wealth you earn won't make you bad
it just makes you more of what you are

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Walt's Life Rhyme #61
(Compensation Is Appreciation)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 11-27-1998
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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