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''Ask The Inspirer (Interrupted)''

"Ask The Inspirer", a new feature of Walt's Friday Inspirations! (Actual email requests for advice and answers from The Inspirer!

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Dear Walt,
I need inspirations like yours everyday! Is it just me or are there some rude people in this world? Every time I'm on the phone here at work, people interrupt and start talking as if they don't get it...when someone is on the phone, common sense will tell me not to disturb them until they're off. Am I alone on this one? A friend I was talking to said I'm here to serve and I should let it go. Keep smiling and take good care of yourself. Love you.Mary "Cookie" in NY.

Dear Mary,

You're absolutely right! I know how you feel about being not being interrupted. It's a simple courtesy that many people just don't practice. I felt the same way for a long time. What I found, however, is that there are thousands of people like that. I realized that the answer lies not so much in changing THEM, but in changing ourselves to be able to let people be who they are, but WITHOUT letting them walk all over you.

You've got to be able to let people know what your boundaries are without fear. I know you feel you'll jeopardize your job if you tell someone what you're really thinking, but you can do without the stress and the tension , trust me, and people will come to respect you for setting limits. You should know also that no one job has a monopoly on money. You can earn your wealth from anywhere you desire.

Why not just say to people, very politely, "could you give me a minute please, I'll be off in a bit, thanks" (big smile, no venom) and turn your head and finish your conversation. Then when you're done, say, "now you were saying?". Even on personal calls, unless your job specifically prohibits them, I believe you're entitled to your privacy as long as you're not abusing it .

Anyway, stay strong, don't get upset and realize that you have to live on a higher plane of maturity at all times. But again, don't compromise your values either. It IS inconsiderate for them to do that and if it bothers you, YOU need to assert that.--Walt

P.S. "service" does not mean slavery or disrespect. Here's an inspiration for you:

When others cross your line
it's up to you to let them know
confrontation can be hard its true
but if not your life is woe

the rules of common courtesy
apply to all from bad to best
and state that all are due respect
from birth 'til laid to rest

don't compromise this basic right
and simply turn the other cheek
no one will know they've erred
if you never choose to speak

your principles you'll stand behind
'til you your world create
it's self respect that others see first
and then they duplicate

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Walt's Life Rhyme #60
(Ask The Inspirer (Interrupted))
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 11-20-1998
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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