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''Rumors of Demise''

Rumors of demise exaggerate
to say the least.
Things are on the rise each day
and life's a fêted feast!

Rumors of defeat have missed the mark
to be quite frank.
Victory's assured now
despite foes on every flank.

Rumors of decay would tickle
those who know me well.
Youth and vigor ever flow
through each and every cell.

Rumors of the dole have figured wrong
if facts be known.
Harvest time abounds now
from the many seeds I've sown.

Rumors of distress have got it wrong
if truth be told.
Euphoria's the norm each day
as miracles unfold.

Rumors of my fate
let loose by those who wish me ill.
are powerless to stop me
when I use the force of will!

You can only rise in your experience and happiness in life by lifting others up, not by tearing them down. Those who are the most successful and happy ADD value to the lives of others and help others to succeed. It's a basic principle of the universe.

Think about it. Imagine what a dismal place the world would be if the only way to succeed required that you pull someone else down, and if everyone went about their daily interactions doing this! Years ago, while part of a network marketing sales team, we would all compete to see how many compliments we could lavish on one another while introducing our teammate to a new prospect or sales associate. (eg.“Hey Dylan, I'd like you to meet my friend Mary. She's very humble, but the truth is, she's the top salesperson in the northeast region!”  Then, Mary might say: “Nice to meet you, Dylan. Walt said a lot of nice things about me, but what I'm sure he didn't tell you is that HE's one of the best trainers on our team, and.....!” and we'd go back and forth like this!) When you give someone a heartfelt compliment, both parties leave that exchange feeling a little better about themselves! Give it a try!

Unfortunately, there are those among us who never learned this lesson and, through jealousy and envy, will wish you harm and seek to tear you down. They may wish failure upon you, berate your accomplishments, negate your achievements, challenge your intelligence, question your motives, sabotage your projects, and even spread rumors about you to tarnish your character.

Fear not! For while such tactics may have some short-term effects, you have your own will power combined with your knowledge of the inviolable “lift others first” principle to elevate you above the fray! Use today's life rhyme as your motivational mantra and practice the principle to achieve success in the face of ill will and rumors of your demise!

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Walt's Life Rhyme #488
(Rumors of Demise)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 07-05-2019
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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