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''The Nature of Distraction''

It's SUPPOSED to cause confusion
make you doubt what's really real
For you can't vote with your conscience
if you're not sure how you feel

Its GOAL is desperation
to make us scrimp and scrape
Leave muscle strength just barely left
to put food on your plate

It's MEANT as misdirection
to fix your focus on the fake
With attention on the decoy
miss the culprits on the make

It's THERE to keep you occupied
works charm-like without fail
The masses chase the shiny thing
while the upper crust prevail

It's DESIGNED to cause dissension
keep you fighting for a bone
You begrudge your brother's climb
because you fear it blocks your own

It's CONTRIVED to cause contention
turning neighbors into foes
And the instigator flees unscathed
amid the battle throes

It's PURPOSED to make you passive
to lose the might of right
For you can't combat injustice
if you've lost the strength to fight

Its OBJECTIVE: Obfuscation
blurring fiction with the facts
Pity you now as you ponder
which of these you've just attacked

So, RECOGONIZE the game, my friend
and take the needed action
For the future rests on how you trump

I suggest to you that when it comes to calling things out as they are in the quest for truth,
that it's not a baseless "witch hunt" if there really are witches practicing their craft, and that allegations of conspiracy are more than "theories" if the conspiracy is actually documented.

In matters of medicine, diet, food safety, reasons for going to war, religion, the list goes on of the instances of distraction, obfuscation, contrived debate, misdirection, etc. all in an effort to hide true motives (usually money and power). Here's just ONE of thousands of such cases in which those we believe are acting in your best interests are engaged in collusion to undermine your health for the sake of money.

‌Also, as outlined in the documentary "What the Health," internal company documents reveal that cheese manufacturers/producers are aware of the addictive nature of cheese, and actually hold conferences to develop strategies to increase that addiction within the population in order to sell more product.

The solution: you, as your own authority, MUST develop your ability to think critically about issues without relying on talking heads and news outlets and government agencies.

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Walt's Life Rhyme #483
(The Nature of Distraction)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 03-15-2019
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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