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''Going Back in Time ''

The following fasting concept is a bit more challenging to describe accurately, so bear with me. These are my thoughts as I begin DAY 13 of an extended water fast (no food, no juice, just water for the past 13 days)

This my experience, but in certain instances I'll speak predictively as thousands of personal testimonies and documented accounts assure me yours will be similar.

Fasting allows the body to revisit states of cleanliness, function, vitality and youthfulness you have likely lost touch with. But while the body returns to its youthful state, so does the mind. Shelton uses the phrase "you'll feel better than you have felt since childhood," but to me, there's something much more exciting going on. It's not just that you "feel" better, for me it was reconnecting to a sense of reality I had when I was a child. As I was listening to all the music in my collection of songs going way, way back, I experienced not just the memories from those times, but a real, tangible, visceral immersion into that state of awareness, that state of being.

You may not realize this until you actually experience it, but when you were young, reality had a different flavor, a different texture. It felt differently to be alive. Over the years, that sense of what it actually feels like to be alive has likely been dulled a bit over the years. Years of accumulation of toxins and pollution, and preservatives, and drugs and alcohol and coffee and meat in the bloodstream, tissues and organs affects the brain's function.

An extended water fast allows the body to rid itself of these and as a result, the brain functions at heightened levels. My disposition has improved and I'm friendlier and more talkative in my daily interactions. You don't just feel younger, you experience life more youthfully. I experienced something similar many years ago when I first became vegan and my body reached that resulting level of cleanliness. Fasting (as I have now for the past 13 days) allows me to go even deeper into that experience. It's not just nostalgia, and'm not simply remembering the me I was when I first heard those songs, I am the me I was! Yes, it actually is like going back in time!

What if you could run away
to a younger place?
What if you could catch a glimpse
of your younger face?

What if all you thought was real
was a dusty screen
And all it took to see anew
was just a thorough clean?

What if who you think you are
is not you at all
but just a dulled facsimile
of you "after the fall"

To run and think and see again
as in days of past:
(Yep, you know what rhyme comes next)
a lengthy water fast!

They'll wonder what became of you
the you they used to know
the wrinkles and the moods and all
just seemed to up and go!

Rejoin the you you used to be
relive life in your prime
and hang a sign upon your door:
"Going back in time"

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Walt's Life Rhyme #482
(Going Back in Time )
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 03-01-2019
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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