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''Somewhere in the Universe ''

Somewhere in the universe
of infinite degree
Go far enough for long enough
all that can be will be

Somewhere in the universe
the math of it demands
A world like yours exists as real
same lore, same life, same lands

Somewhere in the universe
all that you think is new
is someone else's yesterday
and someone's future too

Somewhere in the universe
you're neither first nor last
for someone's lived your life before
and someone shares your past

Somewhere in the universe
You've been through this before
It's not your first time up at bat
so time to change the score

Somewhere in the universe
the wished for becomes real
And life can change as eye can blink
yes, once you know the deal:

[That] "Somewhere in the universe
quite free from inner fear
exists the me I wish to be
So, too then, why not here?"

In an infinite universe--a truly infinite universe that extends in all directions in both space and time--all possibilities exist. Whatever you can imagine, does indeed exist somewhere. The law of probability demands that somewhere in the vast expanse of space and time, there exists another sun just like ours, and not just one such sun, but an infinite number of similar suns, each orbited by an equally infinite number of "third planets" similar to ours. Therefore, if you travel out into the vastness far enough and for long enough, you'll find another exact replica of Earth. And there will exist--if not on that particular replica, but on another Earth in the infinite vastness--a version of civilization that has evolved to exactly the same state of reality that exists on THIS version of Earth. And, if not on THAT version of Earth, but on another, there exists another version of YOU! You follow?

In infinity, there is enough time and space for everything to evolve and become real...many times over.

Now, what if that exact duplicate of Earth exists not at the same time as ours, but one million years ago? That would mean that what we perceive as our present is someone else's past.

What does this mean? Well, it means that everything you can imagine--though you may not think it possible based on our current understanding of reality and what we believe are the laws of physics--can, and does, in fact, exist somewhere and at some time in the vastness.  Every manner of being, every situation, every type of object--purple dragons, pink aliens, etc.--are real, somewhere in the universe.  

Your mission, therefore--with the knowledge that all things are possible in an infinite universe--in a universe where an exact duplicate of YOU may already have existed--is to expand your concept of what's possible for YOU in the here and now.

Use that expanded knowledge of your mathematically-provable multiplicity of selves to create/allow the best version of yourself to manifest on THIS version of Earth. For the truth is, somehow, somewhere in the universe, it already has!

"That others may grow
and with freedom the goal
I share what I know
Yours, the Alien Soul"

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Walt's Life Rhyme #480
(Somewhere in the Universe )
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 01-25-2019
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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