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''Alien Soul''


"It's such a silly, little system I just can't bring myself to join.

"Which part of it?"

"All of it."

"What do you mean 'all of it'?"

"I mean everything. The whole construct. The job thing. The religion thing.
The marriage thing. The politics thing. The wealth and success thing. It's all just so transparently inane and vapid. It's all just a farce. I feel so detached from it all. It would take every ounce of strength in me to join in and play the game like everyone else, and not burst out laughing--or crying--at the insanity and depravity of it all."

"And yet, you inspire people to better themselves and live more
productive lives."

"That's all just a cover for my real agenda."
"And what's that?"
"To change the world."
"You're already doing that."
"No, I mean really change the world."
"By lifting the veil. Showing people what's really going on."
"And that is?"
"If I told you, you'd think I was crazy."
"I already think you're crazy, so you might as well tell me--you've got nothing to lose."
"I'm an alien."
"I know that, but you've got a green card, right?"
"No, I mean a real alien....from another planet."
"See? You're not taking me seriously."
"No, I am. I'm just processing it. Keep going."
"I see things differently. I mean, I've always seen things differently. I've always felt on the outside looking in--like an observer, not a participant like everyone else. It's as if I have an alien soul. I once attended a service at a church where a psychic was giving everyone in the congregation a quick reading. As she walked around the room, she gave each person either a personalized tip or advice, some insight into the future, information from or about a loved one, and so on. When she got to me, she pulled back, her eyes widened to take me in, and she simply said, "You're not from here." That was it. Whether she was just reading my mind, or telling me an objective truth, I don't know, but it's how I've always felt. I realize now that my reason for being here is to show people that just about everything they've come to believe about themselves, about others, about the world and the universe they live in....is wrong."

(She told me that I'm not from here
then she simply walked away
For others she had words of hope
for me, had naught to say)

It's always seemed so silly, and
It's felt that way since birth
I've tried for all my life to fit
but felt not of this earth

It's time to change the dialogue
to question all that is
To give the world the answers
to a different type of quiz

Why do you do the things you do?
Who made the rules you follow?
Why chase another's goals for you
and live life feeling hollow?

We need to hear a different drum
and sing a different song
'cause everything we think we know
quite frankly, friend, is wrong

The sense we think is common
all the wisdom experts tout
is nothing but a party line
to keep dissension out

The people that we know and love
the systems that we trust
are flawed upon a closer look
reduced as sham to dust

We've put our faith in robes and frocks
worn soiled by men who sin
Molesters some, and jesters all
that's how it's always been

The millionaires who make the laws
we vote and follow blind
We learn too late they're not like us
they're neither kith nor kind

So, what then do we make of this?
to what hope shall we cling?
How shall we free our futures
from the puppet master's string?

The answer lies within us.
So, if freedom is your goal,
Stay tuned for answers coming soon.

Alien Soul

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Walt's Life Rhyme #479
(Alien Soul)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 01-18-2019
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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