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''Be the Bridge''

The big news here on island (and in certain news outlets) is the massive Category 5 Super Typhoon ("Yutu") that ravaged Saipan and Tinian early on the morning of October 25th, 2018.

I've blogged about it, uploaded a youtube video of my experience the night of the storm, but what I wish to share with you is what happened aftewards: I set up a GoFundMe campaign ("Support the Faces of Typhoon Yutu on Saipan") the goal of which is to offer people a way to help specific individual typhoon survivors whose stories move them. I was inspired to do this based on a very quick conversation I had with a typhoon survivor named Manny--a conversation that moved ME to want to do more to help him. Within a few hours of launching the campaign and sharing it with a few people, I received this response from a previous tour client of mine along with her generous support:

"Hi Walt, I was touched by Manny's story. I remember you explaining to us when we were there about people who came from other countries to work and live and had been there for many years, but didn't have the same rights as the natural-born citizens. I would like to help Manny. Thank you for providing a way to do so. You have a generous heart."--Laurie H.

The inspiration came through that chance meeting on Oct 26. I didn't sit down to launch the campaign until Thursday, Nov 1. However, in less than a day, I've already been notified by GoFundMe that the first of the deposits to my account--the contributions from Laurie and others-- will take place in another 48 to 72 hours. At that point, I'll be able to get a cashier's check or money order and present it (and video record it) as a gift to Manny--the first of the recipients.

Yes, Laurie's and other donors' contributions will provide a boost to people here who will appreciate it. However, her statement was a reminder to ME that when I follow MY passion and do the thing I am here to do (writing)--the thing I'm good at--the thing that moves ME--that it can help others get what they want or need in life. And, remember what motivational speaker Zig Ziglar always says: "If you help enough people get what THEY want in life, you automatically get what YOU want!"

I hope my ongoing efforts will to connect a few more people who feel they've lost everything and need a little encouragement, to others like Laurie, and Al, and Ward, and Carl, and Dean who wish to help and to put names and faces to their support.


It wasn't like I planned it
It just happened truth be told
Pulled heart strings struck a chord
and then my passion took control

My mission wasn't science
it was simply "plant a seed"
Just tell the world a story
of a human being in need

I let my heart be guided
by the wish to do some good
And hoped more good would flow
through other souls who could and would

And sure enough, like magic,
love arrives in place of lack
Forgotten dreams and hopeful schemes
are put right back on track

The lesson here is simple
well, at least it is for me
To bridge the gap from soul to soul
your passion is the key!

[READ MANNY'S STORY HERE, and feel free to support; If you can't support, then "follow" and you'll hear other people's stories over the coming weeks]

Walt's Life Rhyme #475
Be The Bridge
"I share what I know,
so that others may grow!"
© Walt Goodridge

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Walt's Life Rhyme #475
(Be the Bridge)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 11-02-2018
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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