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''The Nature of the Beast''

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The Nature of the Beast
(Life Rhymes for the Revolutionary Life)

"The mere fact that a person seeks
that level of power should automatically
disqualify him or her from ever attaining it."

We cede control of human herds
to damaged goods and wounded birds

Then wail in awe and make a fuss
confused why they don't act like us

They torture with a sense of glee
and show their stripes for all to see

They order wars for private gain
and mock the poor with much disdain

With us their pawns they play their game
we've no one but ourselves to blame

Despite the nature of the beast
the power, wealth and praise increase
...to those who should attain it least

Life Rhyme #473: The Nature of the Beast
(Life Rhymes for the Revolutionary Life)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge (share freely)
"I share what I know,
so that others may grow!"

Preachers. Physicians. Politicians. Police. Presidents.
It's a simple fact of life: different career paths attract individuals with specific personality types and belief systems. Those who wish to heal pursue paths in medicine; those who wish to teach are drawn to education; those who wish to enforce law and order become police officers; those who feel mankind is flawed and in need of salvation become preachers, and those who wish power over others become politicians. It shouldn't surprise you, therefore, that some police officers use excessive force or that some preachers are just as flawed as those they purport to save. It's the nature of the beast--the type of people those positions appeal to and attract.

Yes, politics attracts individuals who have strong beliefs, and wish things to be a certain way and believe they are the chosen ones who can bring about such change. It shouldn't surprise you, therefore, that political careers are rife with scandals that involve abuses of power, religious fanaticism, and instances of over-reaching and enacting laws based on their own belief systems without public input and despite public opposition. It's the nature of the beast.

Who are these people who seek such power? Those who can order genocide and torture, who send men and women to war, who enact laws that deprive others of human rights are not like the rest of us. Despite what you've been led to believe, such power seekers are NOT the best humanity has to offer, but are likely the most needy, most damaged, most wounded, most self-absorbed and least empathetic among us.

You see, the reason YOU are not president, prime minister, king or queen is simply because you did not arrive with or develop the personality drive (read: narcissism) necessary to attain such a position. All other things being equal (bloodlines and campaign budgets aside), in any political race, the person with the greater need to "govern" and the greater ability to convince others of his/her greatness will win. In other words, "let the campaign begin, and may the greater narcissist win!" Once you understand this, then it would be the height of folly for you to believe that such narcissists seek power for YOUR benefit.

We live in a "Bizarro" world. We elevate those of weakest, flawed moral fiber to the pulpit to preach virtue. We charge those prone to violence to keep the peace, and we end up voting narcissists and sociopaths to high office, expecting fair governance from self-absorbed individuals least empathetic to the needs of others.

Yes, any thoughtful analysis of how certain positions are filled in our society should bring you to the inevitable conclusion--particularly in the case of politics--that the very fact that an individual seeks a position of such power over others should automatically disqualify him or her from ever being allowed to attain it!

Inspiring? Perhaps not. Necessary? Absolutely! For facing the truth shall set us free, and what free and sane people DO with this knowledge once they are aware of it is the critical inspiring element in society's positive evolution. For more, check out In Search of a Better Belief System at http://www.passionprofit.com/betterbeliefsystem or on Amazon.com!

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Walt's Life Rhyme #473
(The Nature of the Beast)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 10-19-2018
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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