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''Share the Glory''

Until you share the glory
life remains a heavy load
For none advance without some help
down life's oft lonely road

Until you boost another
you remain stuck at low tier
We rise by lifting others
which ensures we all get there

But some resist a helping hand
and kindness they are shown
Believing independence
means they do it all alone

The glory's in the giving
for the world already knows
No man ascends all by himself
despite the front he shows

Your ego's what betrays you
like a dam it blocks the flow
Once removed all good will find you
Give it up. Right now. Let's go.

Yes, we rise high on esteem, my friend
and not on single wing
The world cares not how high you fly
but who you choose to bring

Two separate interactions yesterday conspired to inspire today's Life Rhyme. First, a reader of my Saipanpreneur Project column in the Saipan Tribune wrote: "I really enjoy reading your articles each week. There are a few other writers who only write negative things about the CNMI* week in and week out, so it is positively uplifting to see an American** actually saying good things about these islands. Keep up the good work."

I responded:
"Yep, I believe that you can only improve conditions by making people feel good about themselves. It's the only way that works.

People rise to the degree that they feel good about themselves. And you rise to the degree that you feel good about yourself.

(think how YOU feel when you say something to make someone feel good.) Think what a universe we'd be living in if the only way for you to rise was to tear down everyone else around you. We ascend on esteem.

Second, a coaching client back in the states discovered that her ego and her desire to say that she did it all by herself was preventing her from working with a potential business mentor and gaining maximum benefit from that relationship. I gave her a homework assignment to call her potential mentor, admit that her ego was at the core of her own business challenges, and to smooth the way for them to work together with less tension.

So let today's Life Rhyme be a reminder that the sooner you accept privately that you have not, do not and will not achieve anything of consequence in your life without the assistance of others in some way, the sooner you can remove the brakes from your life and achieve more of what you desire. And the more you boost others esteem by publicly acknowledging your awareness of that fact, the higher you can rise based on the rising esteem of everyone involved, including you!

*p.s. for the record, I'm actually Jamaican! :-)
** CNMI=Commonwealth of the North Marianas Islands

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Walt's Life Rhyme #455
(Share the Glory)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 06-16-2006
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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