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''The Worry Game''

The worry game's a good thing
if you know the way to play
For worry's how life's winners
score their goals and get that way

I worry then I build my house
to stand the test of time
I worry then I find a rope
to help me make this climb

I worry so the walls I build
withstand their best attack
I worry so the roads I take
will keep my trip on track

I worry then I spend my days
preparing for the worst
I worry then I do the things
so life is blessed not cursed

Worry's not a thing you do,
just to lament your woe
No worry's what preceeds a plan
and shows you where to go

COMMENTARY: During a recent coaching session, a client said she felt nervous about what might possibly happen to derail the plans we were making. Among other things, she was worried that as we marketed her product, that people would ask for certain certification, or certain qualifications she didn't presently have. So we spent some time discussing her fears. After she voiced each concern, I simply asked her what we could do, beginning right now, to put things in place to remedy, anticipate or avoid, or address each occurrence should it arise. I wanted her to realize that the worry itself was not a deterrent. I wanted her to realize that all great planners worry. All successful people worry. The difference was merely that successful people use the worry as the FIRST step in the construction of an airtight plan. In other words, we worry, but we simply call it planning.

When someone who is determined to succeed worries about what could possibly go wrong, that person simply creates a contingency in his/her plan. "If that happens, then I'll do this." "If it turns out that I need a certain certification for my product to sell, then I'd better start the process to get that certification NOW, so that 6 months from now when the time comes, I'll have completed the certification process." Get the idea?

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Walt's Life Rhyme #453
(The Worry Game)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 06-02-2006
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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