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''Of Rising Stars and Sinking Ships''

The day you stepped aboard that ship your fate from then was sealed
For truth denied endures and in due time will be revealed

The seas were always rocky but you stuck it out through pride
But now the trend is clear and for your life you must decide

A fact of life, despite what seems, is nothing stays the same
Some rise, some fall, that's how it is, and no one is to blame

Your star is bound for glory, that's what shooting stars will do
This ship is bound for ocean floors, whether with or without you

No S.O.S. can save it, ditch the flare, forget the oars
The water's rising. Stay or go. That's all. The choice is yours

The world may judge you harshly if you take it's guilt-full trip
With headlines screaming "Heartless Star Deserts Poor Sinking Ship!"

But none can write YOUR story, friend, for none have seen the strife
And all that you can do is vow to live your destined life

One day you will reflect and you won't care what others think
You'll know that shooting stars on fated ships can never sink

Don't let others' judgments and beliefs prevent you from living the life you know in your heart is meant for you to enjoy. You are only here to live one life: your own.

In truth, the decision has really already been made. The only one who needs to accept it now is you. By nature your star is here to rise. You will ultimately have to do the only thing that you CAN do and that is rise. That's what shooting stars do. You know this. This procrastination only puts off what you know must eventually be.

(Dedicated to MK)

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Walt's Life Rhyme #449
(Of Rising Stars and Sinking Ships)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 05-05-2006
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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