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''Someone From the Future''

PROLOGUE: For those of you following on my Escape from America blog, you're already aware that my nomadpreneur adventure has taken me to Saipan in the South Pacific (ok, ok, so it's technically the North Pacific, but….). In any event I had the opportunity of making my first skype.com call, and so while relaxing just 100 feet from the ocean at the Saipan Grand Hotel, I was talking over a wireless internet connection to a friend and her family in New York. During the conversation I mentioned that the time here in Saipan is 15 hours ahead of New York Eastern time. So while it was 9:00pm on Tuesday in New York, it was already 12 noon on Wednesday in Saipan. My friends daughter told her mom that she couldn't wait to tell her friends that she knew “someone from the future!” And so it is that innocently profound statement from Kai in New York that inspired today's inspiration!

It's just a different time zone
hmmm, but wait, perhaps it's more
It just might have the makings
of the perfect metaphor

For time zones are like comfort zones
one journeys to break free
And once you do you'll live a different world
that most won't see

And calendars and clocks
are just a construct we impose
Just others' expectations
of a world led by the nose

And sunrises like dreams
are what you see while others sleep
And sunsets here in paradise
are scenes that most won't reap

Yes, someone from the future called
it's you your dream sublime
And anyone can take the leap
and sail forward in time

It need not be an island dream
found halfway ‘round the earth
The future's any place
your actions to your dreams give birth

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Walt's Life Rhyme #445
(Someone From the Future)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 04-07-2006
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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