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''The Way of the Dodo''

Our world is changing rapidly
this thought is oft repeated
Without a cogent strategy
you'll start the game defeated

As jobs to thin air vanish
and departments sail the seas
You'll need new ways to master
and deploy your expertise

The game's a global playing field
new markets in new places
New jobs new opportunities
replace those it displaces

Evaluate your specialness
reframe your own distinction
Retool and move with lightning speed
resist and face extinction

You'll need to stretch your comfort zone
embrace the change you've dreaded
Be flexible and fluid
free to roam where trends are headed

As vending now goes virtual
technology's your friend
Turn passion into profit
as all borders you'll transcend

And don't forget the children
for their future's in your hands
They'll need a bigger skill set
for this smaller world's demands

Like Dodo birds and bison herds
we're tested to survive
While ways of life pass on
a wise and prudent man can thrive

The day of change has dawned
no time for protests, suits or fights
Will the last one to be outsourced
close the door, and cut the lights...

On a quite practical note, today's life rhyme addresses those whose livelihoods have recently been affected by job cuts and factory closings. There is life after the pink slip, my friends. This is not a tragedy, but merely an inevitable consequence of a changing world. All you need to survive it is a new mindset that accepts the new reality, embraces all change as potentially fortuitous, and a resolution to become in new mind what new money requires.

Inspired by a conversation with Z Owens, the Offshore Expert... and a joke she shared. Check out Where Have All the Good Jobs Gone?, a new audio CD with tips and strategies on how to weather the offshore storm, recapture and improve the quality of life you've been accustomed to and prepare your children for the future!

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Walt's Life Rhyme #440
(The Way of the Dodo)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 03-03-2006
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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