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With iron hot is when they say
it matters most to strike
The heat of stress is what bends steel
and breaks men's wills alike

While day is young and tide is low
go forth on your crusade
Strike oar to water eyes on stars
for time will not be stayed

So row, and step, and hike and climb
despite your pride and pain
The price of change? discomfort now
exchanged for long term gain

So strike my friend, let courage burn
despite the judgers' wrath
For mice and men who see your flame
will follow in your path!

Inspired by recent events here in NY, STRIKE is about change, commitment and the courage to act defiantly in the face of opposition for something you believe in. For an opinion piece entitled "Of Mice And Men and The MTA" visit the Elements of Fame blog. Here is an excerpt:

...Next, in determining your personal position, don't confuse morals and ethics. Morals and ethics are not the same thing. Morals are constructs for survival. Morals are whatever a society or group decides are in the interest of survival of the society or that group. What's morally right in one culture or situation, therefore, can be completely unacceptable--immoral--in another. Ethics, on the other hand, are what the individual decides in his or her mind is allowable for his or her own survival.

....If you can remember that, then you'll realize that the word "illegal" is not synonymous with either right and wrong. What's "legal" in our society, therefore, changes from day to day.

The term "legal" only has as much meaning as the society allows it to have. It was "legal" at one time to own other human beings. It was "illegal" at one time to marry someone of another race. It was "legal" and even an accepted form of family entertainment to lynch other humans. Legality is an idea, a construct of the people in power. Saying something is wrong or right simply because someone decided it was "legal" or "illegal" is a recipe for enslavement. Right-thinking people--people with a correctly-functioning moral and ethical compass-- should not be hindered by such constructs. It is necessary to think critically and come to decisions based on other determinants than mere "legality."

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Walt's Life Rhyme #435
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 01-27-2006
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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