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''Along the Path You Took''

We get to where we are in life
by things we say and do
We're just effects of causes
and the things we think are true

What's you today is simply you
from yesterday plus one
There's something added something lost
but all can be undone

Replenish what was yours to own
release what serves you not
A simple secret you can use
to really change your lot

The feelings of your yesterdays
are always yours to own
The feelings of your future days
now need not be unknown

No secret here, no mystery,
no tricky math, no book
Reversing steps will take you back
along the path you took

COMMENTARY (from the book, The Ageless Adept):
Any condition or state in which you find yourself is just a point on a path. It is the result of yesterday's state plus something added or something lost. You may have added a new concept or lost a belief. You may have added a pound or lost a pound. It doesn't matter. Therefore, every prior state of being still exists along the path you are on. If you are in a certain condition today because of something added or something taken away, then you can return to that prior state of being by putting that thing back or letting it go. Any prior state, therefore, is the predictable and achievable result of doing things that replenish or release.

Any condition which you'd like to achieve is also a point on a path. It is the result of today's condition plus something added or lost. The things to be replenished or released are the things we allow into our beings. These include information, beliefs, ideas, thoughts, as well as food. You are in control of these things, and thus have the ability to go backwards in time to a place of memory or forward in time to a point along the path of your dreams.

For more of this line of thought, visit www.agelessadept.com

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Walt's Life Rhyme #428
(Along the Path You Took)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 12-09-2005
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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