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The ropes have been cut and have fallen
I am free to step out unrestrained
Now the body shall roam where the mind's always flown
to create my new life pre-ordained

The option to rise has been granted
The sky has been brought within reach
Now wings once untested stronger now that they're rested
Shall now prove that the blue can be breached

Freedom is a thing that's not given
for we are only ever bound from within
So with all shackles freed and in word thought and deed
let the escapee's ascension begin

If you've been following my latest blog entry, you may have read that I've solved the final piece of the puzzle for creating my own personal "ideal scene" (see Turn Your Passion Into Profit page 105). I've recently discovered a Print on Demand (POD) company that will print and fulfill book orders at a competitive (read: cheap) price that won't cut prohibitively into profits. This is significant because even when I did my multi-city tour earlier this year, I would have to plan and ship books ahead of time, or make arrangements with an assistant--or friend acting in that capacity--to fill orders in my absence.

As you may know, all PassionProfit books and CDs are created, published, and distributed from the home office (operative word there is "home"). The goal was to create a one-person operation with the same quality, flexibility and reach as a major publisher, so as to live the ideal author's ideal scene and teach others how to do the same. So now, not only do I have the freedom to go see movies in the middle of the day, but now I can fly to see those movies in Japan, Jamaica or Jordan and not have to rush back to fill the mounting orders. I can simply access the web, place the order, and return to my pina colada...

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Walt's Life Rhyme #426
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 11-25-2005
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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