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''Don't Let Them Change You''

One-fifth of man will find ways to suppress the other four
that seems to be their purpose, nothing less, and nothing more
Your mission, on the other hand, is clear beyond all doubt
Despite what men may do, don't let them change what you're about

For happy men must smile, my friend, and gifted men must give
your purpose is to be the change you want the world to live
And activists and advocates must act and raise their voice
for only by example will you give the world a choice

At times you'll think it futile and you'll want to pack it in
When good men choose do nothing is all bad men need to win
For slow it seems a brick a day is how new worlds are made
But with each act of kindness is a new foundation laid

And those of us who comment on the flaws of one man's way
must watch our words for so shall we create our world's delay
The minute that you start to say "that's just the way it is,"
you've lost hope in your world for now you've joined him there in his

The minute that they break you, friend, their side goes up by one
And you become the very thing you say you want undone
As Gandhi said, "an eye for eye leaves everyone quite blind."
Don't let them douse your spirit, fire, beauty, gifts or mind!

It's been shown to some and believed by others that while mankind is essentially good, that there is a contingent of about 20% (one-fifth) of the population who are here to wreak havoc on the other 80% (four-fifths). (Don't worry, if you're even reading this kind of inspiring thought, you're probably in the 80%). Don't let their ways and words blind you to the beauty, hope, kindness and caring that exist. Don't adopt equally destructive ways of being in retaliation or simply to fit in. Maintain the beauty of your spirit, the kindness in your heart and the friendliness in your demeanor. There is no reality save for that which we accept and buy into. So it is only through your eyes that the world can see its kinder gentler self.

Reciprocity is not a requirement for conviction, any more than a mirror makes you who you are.

Maintain the reality of who you wish to be and soon your world will reflect and become you.

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Walt's Life Rhyme #412
(Don't Let Them Change You)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 08-19-2005
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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