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I thought the HAVE would make me happy
So I toiled in search of things
Learning not too soon but sadly
of the fleeting joy it brings

I thought the BE would make me happy
So I postured and I posed
Living lies and learning late
I'm still by any name a rose

I found the DO has made me happy
Thus I've found what has been true
Happy's not a place or thing you hold
but journeys you go through

I've always said that unhappiness is "an unmet expectation." What's more, the expectation that people have that has the greatest potential for causing unhappiness is the expectation that the things they own or the positions they reach will make them happy.

Great thinkers have pondered the concept of happiness and many have reached much the same conclusion. That's why the writers of the Declaration of Independence used the phrase "the pursuit of happiness," recognizing, as others have before and since that happiness is the activity of striving related to the achievement of a specific outcome.

In fact, there is a legal definition of the pursuit of happiness, given in Black's Law Dictionary: The Pursuit of Happiness, in constitutional law includes ... (Note: among other rights)... the right to follow one's individual preference in the choice of an occupation and the application of his energies...

In other words, according to noted thinker F. Gordon, "...happiness is primarily goal-directed on-going causative action and only secondarily a form of pleasure. This implies that in addition to recalling pleasure moments in which I felt all cuddlely-wuddlely, I might also recall overcoming the difficulties of mountain climbing or attempting to invent an instant coffee dispenser."

Can you see, therefore, why it's imperative that you seek out and pursue your passion and to make a living at it? Inherent in the process is perhaps the surest key to reaching happiness that exists.

The coolest definition I've found, by L. Hubbard is, "Happiness is the overcoming of a not unknown obstacle towards a known goal." Think about it. What better way to describe climbing a mountain, writing a book, inventing a new product, building a business, etc. And what better explanation as to why people feel depressed after achieving their much sought-after goal. They placed the significance on the attainment rather than the pursuit. It also explains why many people self-destruct after achieving heights of fame and fortune, as they realize all the fun was in the getting there, so they knock themselves down so they can have another game to play.

But you won't make the same mistake. Don't mistake the getting for the growing. Pursue your passion. And as you pursue the dreams, be prepared to change the game once you achieve the thing you dreamt about. It's the only way to stay happy!

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Walt's Life Rhyme #399
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 05-20-2005
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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