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''Bound To Be''

Greetings from sunny San Francisco! During Tuesday's Learning Annex workshop a participant realized that she was being paralyzed by the fear of failure. "How, " she asked, "can I avoid falling on my face as I pursue my passion?" It's a common question, and an issue I knew I could help her with! Having dealt with the issue myself, and after years of coaching, I had the answer that could save her years of worry and woe! So, here it is, for those of you out there who are dealing with similar fears...

Bound to Be

I understand your fears quite well
I've lived them all before
It's tricky to make plans
not knowing what life has in store

You're searching for the constants
for without them life's unstable
You need to feel you're in control
and change things if you're able

Well, here's the magic secret
that can make your worries cease!
The antidote for failure fears
that offers life's new lease:

The trick is to accept
and run TOWARDS your great unknown
For life hides all your treasures
just outside your comfort zone

The fear you feel about the risks
and things you cannot see
Are clues to tests you need to take
and therefore bound to be

There's bound to be some losses
so make plans to start again
There's bound to be some traitors
so learn well the ways of men*

There's bound to be some chaos
so grow wings to ride the storm
There's bound to be some cold days
so plan now how you'll keep warm

There's bound to be some sadness
so make friends who'll make you smile
There's bound to be upheavals
so plan now your new life style

There's bound to be disaster
so make peace with what you fear
And blocks to where YOU'RE bound to be
like magic, disappear!

COMMENTARY: Many life rhymes deal with the issue of fear because it's one of the two reasons why we do anything in life (the other being love). The truth is that the feelings of fear you have about following your passion, buying a new house, dating, starting a new job, or simply living life at a different level are all your heart's way of pointing you in the direction of your greater self. You only fear the things that make you stretch your self-concept, and that challenge you to be someone new. If you recognize that your success lies just beyond becoming that new person, then, from now on, you'll run TOWARDS that feeling rather than way from it. You'll find also that once you accept and embrace the fear that it no longer becomes a test you need to take. You'll find 9 out of ten times that you only need to take and endure the tests that are hold you back.

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Walt's Life Rhyme #390
(Bound To Be)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 03-18-2005
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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