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''The Fountain is a Flow''

It's not a place you visit, friend
And no it's not a stream
It's not a brook that's tucked away
that bubbles site unseen

There's no magic elixir
that will wash away the years
No age-free antidote
to nix each line as it appears

The fountain is the flow my friend
that keeps every thing young
You'll find it everywhere you look
for youth from flow is sprung

You'll see it in the thoughts you think
For minds their age will show
You're aged by feelings kept inside
Renewed by those that flow

You'll see it in your pockets
waning wealth can be restored
Enriched through flow by what you share
not what you hold and hoard

You'll see it in your body
for through foods is time appeased
The flow keeps bodies ageless
and immune to all disease

The fountain flows eternal
as by legend we've been told
Let flow all thoughts and things
that's how you'll keep from getting old

For any where that things come in
so too must out they go
And youth belongs to those who see
the fountain as a flow

Now, while I do believe in magic, and would never seek to discount the possibility of an actual fountain as sought by explorer Ponce De Leon, today, however, I'd like to suggest that we interpret the mythical Fountain of Youth in allegorical terms. I suggest that the fountain, and the flow that it represents is a metaphor for the flow of thoughts and things in our lives that we need to keep us young. You can achieve miraculous results through the adoption of a mindset and lifestyle that respects the healing and rejuvenative power of flow.

Let your feelings flow. We all know the cathartic power of releasing pent-up, bottled-up emotions. It'll keep your heart young.

Let your clutter flow. Make room for the new by getting rid of the old, and you'll keep your surroundings young.

Let your food flow. Now, without getting too graphic here, physical health is a function of flow. There really is only one disease known to man, and that's constipation: there's stuff going into your body that's not finding its way out before it causes dis-ease. Eating real food (ie. naturally-occurring, unprocessed, organic fruits and vegetables that humans are meant to consume), gives the body what it needs to stay in balance, effectively nourishing and eliminating the waste quickly enough so as not to subject the body to internal toxicity. (Can you tell this is my soapbox?) :-)

Let your money flow. Tithing, sharing donating some of the wealth you receive keeps the flow of abundance going and growing in your life.

Let your talent (i.e passion)flow. Allowing yourself to be a channel for the flow of creation in this universe keeps your mind and spirit young.

In my own experience, my college friends tell me I look younger now than when I did when I was in school. I attribute that to my constant quest to find and go with the magical youthful flow in all areas of my life.

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Walt's Life Rhyme #387
(The Fountain is a Flow)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 02-25-2005
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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