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''Parallel Universe''

It's right here, right now, right next to you!
but oh, so hard to see
A universe of freedoms
filled with other ways to be

Confined by what you think is real
and fears you won't disprove
You live a world that stifles dreams
and limits ways to move

But others took the chance and left
and while they seem the same
Their lives are vastly different
'cause they play a different game

But all they did was dare to dream
their lives they could enhance
And took a step beyond the norm
and walked out of their trance

The back and forth, and up and down
and left and right men teach
Won't work for those dimensions
that still seem beyond your reach

For risk is how you get there
and through failure's how you'll learn
To step out of your slice of life
beyond earthly concern

The time will come, quite soon, I hope
when dreams will conquer fear
You'll step beyond and through and out
and one day.....disappear!

I saw a documentary on PBS last night about the existence of other dimensions. Comic book fans like myself were introduced to the concept of other dimensions as we read about superheroes vanishing between these dimensions as they traveled to wage wars against other-worldly villains. Modern-day scientists explore the existence of other dimensions as they seek to understand and explain everything from the Big Bang theory to our very concept of reality. Many unexplained phenomena make sense once we include the existence of other dimensions in our analyses and formulas. A dimension is simply a degree of freedom of movement. As you read this email, for instance, you are living in a three dimensional space which allows (1) forward/backward, (2)up/down and (3) left/right freedoms to move. Thus, most of us are taught that we live in a 3-Dimensional world of length, width and height.. (By comparison, the words on a piece of paper exist in the 2-Dimensions of length and width only.)

Trapped as we are in our 3-D concept, it's difficult for us to even consider additional ways we can move. Perhaps the best way to think of other dimensions is to think of our own three-dimensional universe as existing on something like a slice of bread within a loaf of many slices; or as a membrane ("brane" for short) like a film screen in a movie theater, or sheets of paper in which all the action of our lives takes place. Other dimensions are simply the other loaves and other screens that, although we can't physically see or touch them by moving within the degrees of freedom we currently recognize, nonetheless exist so close to us that they're RIGHT THERE NEXT TO YOU!

But, on a practical level, we don't have to go inter-dimensional traveling to see the effects of what life could be in other dimensions. All we need to do is observe what we allow ourselves to experience in our own daily lives.

There are people sitting next to you on the train, in that other car on the highway or in the house next door who are living vastly different lives, with more emotion, more connection, more freedom, more fulfillment, and a whole different take on what's possible, simply because they think different thoughts. From making money without a job, buying homes with no money down, selling products that don't really exist to having trust in their relationships, living free of illness, and a host of other experiences, all represent different dimensions to which everyone could travel....if they simply took the chance to believe these dimensions are real and could support life.

It's all about risk. You dare to dream. You take the chance. You risk all you believe. And live a life beyond that which you've let yourself perceive.

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Walt's Life Rhyme #385
(Parallel Universe)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 02-11-2005
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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