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Joyful makes a sound, my friend
and while it seems absurd
Health and wealth both sing a song
that few can say they've heard

Peace of mind can hold a note
and so too can romance
Richness has its rhythm too
to which too few will dance

Money also resonates
and finds its natural chord
And causes life to bring to you
the things it can afford

Everything you see and say
yes every thought and act
Emits a sound however faint
and that, my friend is fact

And once that sound is in the air
all kindred thoughts respond
The thoughts you think in major keys
with others soon will bond

The world becomes an instrument
you use to play your song
Your dreams become a symphony
once others play along

But life will only play for you
the songs that you begin
The key, just hold your note until
...the orchestra joins in!

Everything in the universe is simply energy vibrating at different rates

Anything that vibrates makes a sound.

Every sound is like a note.

Every note is in a specific key.

Every key resonates and harmonizes with everything else in the universe that is tuned in to the same frequency.

Your thoughts, played correctly, that is, at the right level of vibration, attract other similarly tuned instruments. The people who show up in your life, the situations that arise, the thoughts that you think, your desires and the choices you make are the instruments. They are attracted to you because the nature of your thoughts--the silent sound of your dreams-- attracts similarly tuned people, thoughts, words and choices and opportunities.

Thoughts, words, deeds, and everything in the physical universe, therefore, are merely the instruments of your dreams.

Your dreams will come to life when everything you think, speak and do, vibrates in the key of your dreams, and like one of a pair of tuning forks* that is struck, causing the other to resonate in harmony, your thoughts cause others to start playing along, and start singing your song!

Then no matter where you are, eventually the instruments that will comprise your orchestra will find you, and harmonize to create your own dream-inspired symphony... IF.... you will simply hold your note long enough.

*I often recall a demonstration in high school Physics class in which two tuning forks were placed next to each other. One was struck and a single sound--caused by the resulting vibration--was heard. But when that fork's vibration was stopped, the sound continued. How was that possible? Miraculously, the other tuning fork, although never directly struck, had started to vibrate and emit the same sound as the first tuning fork, through a phenomenon called sympathetic vibration. So too in life, everything, including your thoughts, has a natural frequency that causes and attracts other people and things to resonate in harmony with your new frequency. Happiness, peace of mind, fulfillment, love and even the trappings of wealth which are in your life, are all simply the physical world harmonizing to the silent vibration of your thoughts.

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Walt's Life Rhyme #382
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 01-21-2005
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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