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''The Greatest Gift''

Some give for adornment
And some give just for show
Some give 'cause their wealth
is what they want the world to know

Some give with intentions
that while mostly good and kind
Miss the mark of greater gifts
to which they might be blind

Suppose this year you offered
to all family and friends
A gift that they can use years hence
and when this season ends?

Yes, what if what you'll give
were not for body, bath or bed
But clothed and fed their futures
with Permission now, instead?

Permission to seek answers
Permission to create
Permission to believe in self
that who they are is great!

Permission to seek happiness
and know they have the right
Permission to be honest
humble, giving and forthright

Permission to be beautiful
and not feel they'll be judged
Permission to feel blessed
although by some they'll be begrudged

Permission to seek wealth in life
for all the good it does
Permission to want more from life
despite what always was

Permission to take risks
and not to hide behind a veil
Permission to attempt and fall
but know they will prevail

Permission to show feelings
all across the human range
Permission to laugh, cry or shout
even if it might feel strange

Permission once accepted
and unwrapped and put in play
Seduces quick the hand of fate
so things will go your way!

Especially for the parents, this year. Your children look to you for permission and guidance. Why not empower them with permission to be more? It is perhaps the greatest gift you can give.

Once regaled
and once unwrapped
enjoyed for evermore
The gift that keeps on giving
is permission to be more

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Walt's Life Rhyme #381
(The Greatest Gift)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 01-14-2005
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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