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''The Wrong Game/The Great Conspiracy''

It's time to stop the madness
They've got the game all wrong
The playing field was perfect
'til the players came along

They've changed the game's objective
They rearranged the goal
And all eyes were mis-focused
while the stealers gained control

The trickery's amazing
They've made it all a maze
They practice sleight of mind and hand
to misdirect your gaze

The rulebook's been corrupted
Deception rules the day
And none question the question
does it have to be this way?

But we who see things clearly
to share are honor bound
To educate the players
of the truth that we've now found

So, move toward the sidelines
A different view exists
You'll start to see the truth of it
then please consider this:

Who's setting up the rules, my friend?
Who benefits the most?
Whose interests are served best
as mad we run pillar to post?

The game's the deception
The ball's not theirs to steal
You've bought into a game
that in the end's not even real

So wrest back all your power
Don't play the world's wrong game
You'll see beyond the folly
and your freedom you'll reclaim!

How do they trick thee? Let me count the ways: Medical practices that maim. Little colored pills with funny names that cause more illness than they supposedly cure. Religious systems that misdirect awareness of ones true divinity. News reports that omit truth. Justice systems that support anything but. Even silly little polls that ask time-wasting, inane questions. All perpetuate an overriding concept of reality that has you believe you have no power and thus keeps you bound in an endless and futile game of chase.

You've abdicated your throne. So now you seek permission to own from those who steal. You look for guidance from those who misdirect. You seek validation from those with the least sense of personal worth. You accept cures and concepts of health from the sickest among us. You take as objective news information from those with the most subjective of intentions. And you answer meaningless questions posed by those with no meaningful answers. You've bought into a game in which the underlying belief is that the power (the ball) is in someone else's hands and therefore is to be chased by you. But the truth is, it's not even a game! No one took your ball. No one can take your ball. It's always been yours and is yours even now. The game doesn't even exist. Step back far enough and you'll see it for the folly it is. Don't ask for permission. The power to own, the power to lead, the power to cure yourself, and the ability to know truth are all already within you and always have been. The REAL game is simply remembering this.

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Walt's Life Rhyme #380
(The Wrong Game/The Great Conspiracy)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 01-07-2005
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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