Walt's Life Rhyme #377     The Bridge Is Out/Before The Year Is Through    A unique brand of inspiration by Walt F.J. Goodridge! (Originally sent as Walt's Friday Inspirations)

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''The Bridge Is Out/Before The Year Is Through''

With all deliberate speed I glimpse you zip this way and that
Intent to make your mark in life too busy oft to chat

I'm not the only one who's said cool down your hectic pace
We seem to sense the stress and strain that's written on your face

I know your fears too well the one where dreams you never reach
I've lived it too, and picked up certain lessons I could teach

But how on earth will lessons learned from loved ones that you know
Be heard above the chaos as your life rocks to and fro?

Yes, keeping busy's fine but with no structure, plan or code
's like making time but learning late you're taking the wrong road

So slow down so you hear what those along life's highway shout
They might be earnest warnings that the bridge ahead is out!

What sense does it make to be rushing down a path towards a bridge that may be impassable? Take the time to make a real plan and strategy for achieving your dreams so you don't waste time simply being busy. And speaking of planning, here's a bonus Life Rhyme

Before The Year is Through

I know I've said these arbitrary lines* should hold no sway
But days approach for which there's certain groundwork you can lay

It's not too soon to contemplate just where you'd like to be
when new year's dawn awakes in you new things you'd like to see

So read a book or take a course then practice what you learn
For knowledge used enhances your ability to earn

Then clear a debt, and clean a house and cast old things aside
And choose what weights to jettison that jeopardize your ride

Take ordered steps and actions that will make your visions real
It's more than resolutions that you need to close the deal

So make some moves so when the final countdown comes and goes
You're not left scrambling to and fro or worse caught in a doze

To start the year off right full speed ahead and set to thrive
It might be wise to plan from now for year 2005!

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*for my personal take on the holiday and new year delineations that often mark our lives, check out Life Rhyme #227 entitled "Arbitrary Lines" at

(Dedicated to KV)

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Walt's Life Rhyme #377
(The Bridge Is Out/Before The Year Is Through)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 12-17-2004
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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