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''The Upward Swing''

It's a basic law of the Universe. You can't have a totally stable condition. You can't have a condition where there is no increase and no decrease. Nature won't allow it. Things are always either expanding or contracting, improving or deteriorating. There isn't anything that always remains the same. The most solid building is slowly being worn away...it's just a matter of time. For things to remain "normal", there has to be a regular, routine gradual increase. If not, it starts to deteriorate. This is true of anything you do. Relationships, business, weight gain, and even maintaining your standard of living.

For your business to stay solvent, you must be improving it every day. For your relationships to last, you must be growing and expanding. So there's an ever increasing level of energy that must be invested to keep things constant. More still is required, for things to improve. Remember, if things "stay the same," they're really getting worse. Any chart of your progress towards a goal or worthy ideal, must be going up and to the right. Your graph must have an upward swing.

The Upward Swing

The upward swing is vital
or else things just go to pot
You've got to keep improving
just to maintain what you've got

Don't fool yourself in thinking
things can ever stay the same
The static life's the falling life
and natural law's to blame

The good news is, however,
this and more you can control
To chart your life for better
ever upward is the goal!

For comfort's a mirage
that bends the eyes of lazy men
For only those who toil
can hope to stave the downward trend

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Walt's Life Rhyme #374
(The Upward Swing)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 11-26-2004
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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