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''Further Down The Rabbit Hole''

Further down the rabbit hole
will time and space unravel
the world becomes a different place
the deeper that you travel--Walt

Further Down the Rabbit Hole

Further down the rabbit hole
your world becomes immense
For ways of thought and dreams exist
beyond all common sense

Further down the rabbit hole
you break all natural laws
And life is but a dream it seems
as thoughts become first cause

Further down the rabbit hole
old concepts fall and shatter
And energy is all there is
and matter doesn't matter

Further down the rabbit hole
time too will take a hike
For past and future all are one
just points, and much alike

Further down the rabbit hole
you can't trust what you see
For who can say what's out there
and what's just here inside me

Further down the rabbit hole
lie secrets of the ages
And life is seen best through the eyes
of psychics, seers and sages

Further down the rabbit hole
you question your life's course
Once ruled by random winds of change
now you're the major force!

Further down the rabbit hole
you'll smile for then you'll know
The world is but a changing stage
and you direct the show!

Hey all, had a chance to see a cool movie called "What the Bleep Do We Know"
Here's an excerpt from the synopsis on the whatthebleep website:

"...The protagonist, Amanda, played by Marlee Matlin, finds herself in a fantastic Alice in Wonderland experience when her daily, uninspired life literally begins to unravel, revealing the uncertain world of the quantum field hidden behind what we consider to be our normal, waking reality. She is literally plunged into a swirl of chaotic occurrences, while the characters she encounters on this odyssey reveal the deeper, hidden knowledge she doesn't even realize she has asked for. Like every hero, Amanda is thrown into crisis, questioning the fundamental premises of her life - that the reality she has believed in about how men are, how relationships with others should be, and how her emotions are affecting her work isn't reality at all!...."

Sounds a lot like the challenges to growth we cover every week in the Life Rhymes, doesn't it?

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Walt's Life Rhyme #373
(Further Down The Rabbit Hole)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 11-19-2004
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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