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''The Butterfly Effect''

I flutter first then flail then fly
then carry on carefree
A single flap in flight
creates a world none can foresee

When later days and foreign ways
assail with winds of woe
A random breeze returns
to lift me far as eyes can go

I touched the wind with wings
that let my dreams soar far and wide
Perhaps this current breeze is mine
returned to help me glide!

One of the coolest things about doing what I do, is that I get to be present at the moment of conception of a great idea and share in the excitement! Just this week alone, while coaching my clients to turn their passions into profit, I've heard some speak of it being "an epiphany", others speak about a trembling excitement of a new dream of unlimited possibilities. Some feel like they've been "touched" by some great keeper of winning ideas! Some, feel it in the stomach, for some it's in the chest. Others feel it in the head as their brain catches fire. That sense of excitement is what I call the Butterfly Effect. For me it's like little butterflies flapping around in my stomach. And I know it well. It's the feeling that this thing is going to work! It's the feeling that I've hit upon that million-dollar invention, book idea or inspiration that will help make my dreams come true. I don't need anyone else's approval. I don't need research, surveys or tests to tell me it's a winner! Wherever it hits you first, the butterfly effect is real and needs to be honored, nurtured, and then set free in order to do its work in the physical world!

And just like the "butterfly effect" in meteorology-a concept that holds that due to the interconnectedness of the world's weather systems, the flapping of a single butterfly's wings in one remote part of the planet can affect weather patterns across the globe--your passion can have far-reaching effects in distant lands and return to bless you with abundance when you need it most.

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Walt's Life Rhyme #369
(The Butterfly Effect)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 10-22-2004
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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