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''It's About Time''

My time is all I have
my one inheritance at birth
A thing of ever-changing value
rarely spent for what it's worth

My time is what I trade
for everything in life worthwhile
And so I trade it for remembrances
of days that make me smile

My time is for my friends
with whom it's spent I wisely choose
It's here for those who lift me up
all other suitors I refuse

My time is mine to use
but even this I do not own
It's like the wind that sets my sail
but passes on once it has blown

My time is here to live
through opportunities I seize
Now is my time to take the steps
so I can spend it as I please!

COMMENTARY: What's the value of your time? The game of life is all about controlling the quality and nature of the time spent while you are here. Happiness is when you get to spend it in ways that give you the best feelings and memories. Freedom is knowing you have a choice. Your efforts to pursue your passion are vitally important because it is one important way to exercise this right to choose how and where a majority of your time is spent.

In the game of life, choice is your freedom, opportunity is the ball, happiness is the goal, and time is the only rule. How you spend your time is how you play the game. And in this game of life, my friend, there's no time to waste. For unlike other games, you can't reshuffle the deck and get a new hand, you can't ask for a "do-over."

So how are you playing the game? Are you allowing others to decide the value of your time? In your present situation, someone dictated that you'd spend your time making him or her rich, and you agreed to play along. Someone said they'd pay you a certain amount of dollars in exchange for each hour you devote to their happiness, and you agreed to play along. But, that daily ache in your heart is your passion calling out for fulfillment. It's time to take control of your time. When you're pursuing your passion, you get to decide how the game will be played.

If you're already pursuing your passion, the question is the same: how are you spending your days? Remember, your goal is to create and live the lifestyle of your choosing. Everything you do in business, from startup, to setting your fees, hiring employees, and the very day-to-day pursuit itself is supposed to free, not confine you. When you pursue your passion, you get to spend your days how, where and with whom you please! And there are ways to set it up from day one to do just that!

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Walt's Life Rhyme #367
(It's About Time)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 10-08-2004
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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